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Office Makeover – How To Create A Mood Board

Office Makeover –  How To Create A Mood Board

When setting the design for a space, I begin by creating a mood board which will allow me to put together all the elements to ensure they work, before heading out and purchasing any of the items. Sometimes what is in my head, doesn’t quite flow, and this can only be found before we make purchases by creating a mood board. I’m currently working on a new office space and thought I could share how to create a mood board along the way.

How To Create A Mood Board

There are many ways to create a mood board, as a teen I simply cut images out of magazines and catalogues and stuck them together on cardboard, now days I use a variety of online tools to a more professional look. While I share my mood boards on here regularly, I’ve not shared the simple tool I use to put them together or how I create a mood board.

This mood board from The Builder’s Wife Loves earlier in the week, literally took me 10 minutes to put together. Let’s work through the steps.

Step 1. Have a clear picture in mind

Before I begin looking for my images, I find I need a clear idea of what I want to put together. When doing so for a client, these means a exploratory chat before inspecting the space, during which time an image will begin to come to mind.

This clear direction will prevent me from becoming distracted by the thousands of beautiful things out there that I will discover while researching my images.

Step 2. Find your inspiration

Inspiration can be found all around us, from the colours in nature to a room you’ve taken a photo of. One of the most popular spaces for inspiration is Pinterest where not only can you find examples of completed rooms, but can find the individual items you are looking for.

Pinterest can be used as a search engine, and so for example when searching for a desk for my office makeover, I can simply search for desk and thousands of images will load on the page, some of which will link to an online store or source. Again finding images in magazines can also be useful or direct from other websites.

When I find these images, I simply right click and save to my desktop.

Step 3. Find an online tool that works for you

For me picmonkey is the easiest of all the online tools I have tried, with the added bonus of having a free entry level experience.

You can however use Pinterest, Canva or Style Sourcebook. Working on using picmonkey, here are the easy steps I follow.

Once you have opened the website, simple click on the design button, as show above. From here you the website will open a blank template for you to add your pictures to.

Once the blank page is loaded, you need to click onto the butterfly which will open up the Overlays section. From here you click on add your own, and select My Computer from the drop down menu. This will allow you to find your previously saved images, conveniently located on your desktop.

As you add your images you can edit there size and shape and drag and drop the positions to suit what you are putting together. It is as simple as that!

Step 4. Reflect

Once you have created your mood board, take time to reflect over what you have created and ensure that you have pieced together a space that reflects the brief. When you are satisfied, you can save and you’re ready to share!

There are no wrongs when creating a mood board, and this is a great stage to play with your design until you feel it matches what you are trying to do, all before committing to purchasing anything!

Do you have a space you’d like to refresh? Will you try creating a mood board first?

Nicole xxx





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  1. I love PicMonkey! I’d never thought of creating a mood board before but now I know how easy it is, I will now!

    1. So, so easy! And so much fun!!

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