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This is the second of my new series for this week. Each Saturday I will bring you the answer to one of your questions. We are often asked questions, where the answers have the opportunity to help many people, so now we will share those answers with you, our readers.

We have a team of professionals, from our Builder Adam, our Interior Design partner Angela, to plumbers, electricians, and painters. No question is too big or small. Each week on my Facebook page, an opportunity will be given for you to ask your pressing questions, and one of our friendly professionals will help me write a blog post to answer.


Our Builder Adam.

You might be looking for a interior design solution, what paint to use, how to prep a surface, what shape lounge to put in your room or how to change a washer, when is the right time to sign a building contract, how to choose a tradesperson, what to expect at the end of a job. Anything you need help with, we will do our best to answer.

I look forward to sharing our first response next week.

Do you have a question you’d like help with? Feel free to send me an email [email protected] or contact me via Facebook.

Nicole xxx

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  1. What a great idea!

  2. This is fabulous. I want to do something similar with plumbing but sadly I don’t have enough hours in the day to manage! X

    1. Totally understand the lack of time, seriously pushing myself with weekend posts. xx

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