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Nuts & Bolts with our Builder Adam

Nuts & Bolts with our Builder Adam

This week we have a really common question, with a surprising answer for our builder Adam.

“Are the left over bricks from my renovation, mine?”

We actually get asked this question all the time. Many people assume that the building materials that are on their site, actually belong to them, after all they paid for it right? Wrong.


As stated in all building contracts in use in Queensland, you are paying for only the materials used to complete your job. It is common for builders/tradespeople to over order on jobs to ensure plenty of allowance for waste. The materials required to complete your job, come at a cost to the builder, if more are required, the builder pays more, not the client, likewise if the builder has over ordered, those materials have cost the builder, not the client, and are for the builder to do with as he pleases.

Often when using specific materials that a builder cannot commonly reuse, the materials will be gifted or sold to the client. If you would like a surplus of materials for your own use, most builders will be happy to accommodate your needs. Often excess bricks, tiles and paint are really useful to keep on hand.

Did you know that the excess stock belonged to the builder? Was this questions helpful? Have you had an experience like this?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Who knew!? I mean, it makes sense that if you are paying a builder to build the house, then ‘leftovers’ that aren’t part of that house don’t belong to you, but I’ve never thought of that before! For me the current question is, if a pile of pavers has sat outside a house that has a for sale sign out the front for the better part of 3 months, would it be hugely wrong for me to pilfer a few or just a little bit wrong? ha! x

    1. In my professional opinion, pilfering a few, would be saving them from a dreary life outside waiting for some love, BUT, it seems you may not be allowed to yell while you pilfer them ?
      Holy moly, if that lady only knew how much I yell, I’d be in all sorts of trouble xxx

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