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Nuts & Bolts with Interior Designer-Angela Marks

We have a common question this week for Interior Designer Angela from Interior Solutions Brisbane.

I have photos of rooms I love but don’t seem to be able to create the same look in my home?

Angela says…..
I love deconstructing rooms & the challenges it brings. We all fall in love with images of beautiful living spaces & often try to create the same or similar look, but get a little lost on the way. As an Interior Designer, I don’t encourage plagiarism of other Designers work, but aim to help my client create a similar look which is adapted to their home, budget & lifestyle.
When deconstructing a room don’t necessarily look at the style label given to the space, individual interpretation of a particular style is often quite different & therefore can be quite confusing. I often see “Hamptons Style” used very loosely, in particular by Real Estate Agents, whose interpretation of the style is quite different to mine & the Long Island region of New York where it originated from.

Living spaces are made up of layers of design elements, such as lighting, colour & texture. When looking at an image try deconstructing it using the following guide –
Walls – Has wallpaper or paint been used & what style of finish – matt, gloss or textured or has wood panelling with a profile been used?
Flooring – Is there a combination of hard flooring (Wood or Tiles) with rugs or soft flooring (Carpet)
Window Coverings – Curtains/Sheers, Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds or Plantation Shutters
Lighting – This includes natural lighting as well as artificial. Have table or floor lamps been used to create soft lighting or perhaps a combination of down lights & pendant lighting where a large area of light is required.
Furniture – Is the furniture of wood construction & have detailing in its architecture or does it consist of simple lines & structure, is the finish a natural wood or painted finish? Or perhaps a natural fibre has been used such as rattan. Take note of the sizing of the furniture used, is it too small or too large for your room.
Fabric – Has fabric been used in upholstery, cushions, curtains & lamp shades? What is the design style & colours of the fabric – Floral, stripes or perhaps geometric.
Room layout – Achieving the right layout of a room can be challenging to many, especially if you are trying to create a similar look to an image, unfortunately not all room dimensions, door or window orientations are the same & this is where creating a similar look gets frustrating for many.
Don’t be afraid to adapt an image to suit your living space, there are no wrong or rights when it comes to your home, the most important factor is to have fun & enjoy the experience of creating your journey in your home.
Angela X

The amazing Angela can be found at Interior Design Solutions Brisbane.

Do you have another question for Angela? Any question big or small, cam be emailed or left in the comments here or on Facebook.

Nicole xxx

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