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Nuts & Bolts with Builder Adam

Nuts & Bolts with Builder Adam

This week we were contacted by a client who had a simple but really important question. Here is Adam’s answer,


What do I need to have ready before I contact a builder for a quote?

This is an excellent question, with a variable answer. It really depends on what you want from your builder, have a look at the options below and see what works best for you.

  • We’d just like an idea on what is possible: Right at the beginning, before you’re completely sure of what you would like, most builders would welcome the opportunity to chat with you about what is possible with your home in the case of an extension or renovation, or what your options are for a new build. Nothing is required other than a basic idea and an open mind.
  • We have decided what we’d like, we have a budget but no plans yet: Builders are able to give you an estimate or a ball park figure in a case like this. Before you go ahead and have your plans drawn up, you’ll have a reasonable idea on wether your desires will fit in your budget. Many times when a builder is involved at this stage, suggestions are able to be made that can significantly reduce the costs.
  • We have plans drawn and an idea on the finishes we would like: For the best results when comparing quotes between builders, this is the right preparation to have in place. This will give the builders a firm idea on what they are quoting on, and you should find comparing the quotes to be a clear process.
  • We have plans drawn, a schedule of finishes and a budget in mind: This will give you the very best results with absolute clarity of your choices. Each builder this is presented to, will have the same scope of works to quote on.

So you can see, that there is a time and place to call on a builder right from the beginning, or when you are ready within yourselves. Using the services of a builder from the start of the process, can save time and money, it’s a great opportunity to work with a builder or two to make sure you are totally comfortable with them prior to committing to a contract.

Did you know that you can call in a builder at any stage? Have you used a builder in the early stages? Were you happy with the result?

Do you have a question you would like help with? Feel free to leave your question in the comments or email one through to [email protected]

Nicole xxx


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  1. This is really good to know. I’m pinning this for when we renovate (please, let it be soon!)

    1. I’m pleased it was helpful Sammie. xx

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