Nuts & Bolts with Bec from The Plumbette

I am delighted to have Bec from The Plumbette joining our Nuts & Bolts series this week. Bec will be a regular contributor, and as a plumbing expert, will be able to assist with all you plumbing questions.

Why do I have no water coming through my tap?

One of the most common plumbing questions I get asked on the phone and social media is Help, I have no water coming out of my tap spout or shower rose.

To fix the problem, there a few simple checks you can do before ringing a plumber and getting charged a call out fee for a simple fix.

If you have no water coming out of your tap spout check that the water is on to your property. If it is, check other taps in your house to see if they have water. If they do, go back to the tap spout and unscrew the aerator. You may need to use a spanner or multigrips.


Once the aerator is off look inside the aerator and you will see rock particles preventing the flow of water. In most cases, this is the problem and to solve it, just clean the aerator and screw it back into the tap. If the water still doesn’t come through the cleaned aerator you may need to get a new one if the dirt and rocks have got caught past the gauze that filters the water as it goes through the aerator. You can buy aerators from quality plumbing supply or home hardware stores.


To fix a shower head that won’t spray water, you will need to unscrew the shower rose from the wall and check the orifice where the shower rose was unscrewed. There will be a coloured disc which regulates the flow of water. Clean the disc. Sometimes the disc can be removed for a heavier flow of water, but just keep in mind that you won’t be saving much water without the disc. Shower roses are easy to replace should they not spray water after you’ve cleaned it. You will need to use some white Teflon tape to install the new shower rose on. Tape and shower roses can be purchased from a plumbing supply or home hardware store.

Some great how to advice from Bec, thank you. If you would like to know more about what Bec does, check out her Blog for more great practical advice. If you have a question, you’d like some help with, please leave a comment here, of contact me via the email on the blog.

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  1. Great advice, Bec! We always like to have a go around the house if something needs fixing but there are some things that should always be left to the professionals and plumbing is one of them! I’m looking forward to more top tips from Bec!

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