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November Preview

November Preview

Woah!! November you are shaping up to be a giant one!! Life is certainly never dull in our household, but November might be the month that tops them all. It’s a month of firsts and lasts, with many tears and much excitement. While I am struggling to find balance, I have embraced the challenges that await us, one step at a time. To quote the Builder, “we’re just going to have to live through this next month and debrief after that”!

We Welcomed A New Family Member

Many of you will remember that in August last year, while our girl was back home on a visit, we lost our gorgeous old girl Bonnie. Bonnie had been our faithful companion for 14 years and we all struggled with her absence. While we were sad, our boy Otis was depressed and we took time out to let him grieve before thoughts turned to a new puppy.

We searched high and low for the perfect puppy to join us, but as a former breeder, I have high expectations from our potential breeders and was let down many times. We had all but given up on the search when my good friend Kirsten adopted their new dog, Percy. Now adoption was never on my list of ways to obtain a new pet. But seeing Percy and his new family bond, got me thinking maybe that would be a better option for Otis.

A little searching and we found Golden Paws rescue and their website had the perfect girl for us. Like Otis, she was a senior citizen who was looking for a calm male companion. Otis is the calmest dog I’ve ever known. After contact was made, and we went through the process to get approved, Otis and Shelby had their first meeting.

Because Shelby was a former puppy farm dog, who had spent 7 years in a cage breeding twice a year, she comes with some complications. She is very shy, and we spent the next 2 months visiting with her weekly so that she, Otis and the family could bond.

On the first Saturday of the month, she came to join us as our 4th furbaby. While Shelby is still settling in (she hates the stairs) she is very happy to be here and we couldn’t have been happier to be given this opportunity to love her for the rest of her life.

We’re Beginning Some Renovations

It’s been ages since we’ve done any work on the house. The Builder needed some time off to address a few serious health concerns, but we’re ready again. Stay tuned in the next week to hear all about our very first renovation project and better still, we’re going to teach you how to do it too! Keep an eye out for some tutorials, including video, and all our tips and tricks to make renovating your home even easier!

13 Years Are About To Come To An End

Today is the day my baby finishes his schooling. While we still have 2 of the Builders kids to finish, my baby is done. I just can’t believe that the time disappeared so quickly! I am a hot mess of emotion as I try to deal with this day in the best way I can. I’m not ready for him to be out there in the real world, adulting. Thankfully, he is.

bettyquette Pop Up Extravaganza!

This Saturday I’m hosting my first ever pop up shop with 7 other fabulous small local businesses. I’m excited, a little nervous and really looking forward to meeting 60 wonderful women for an afternoon of fun, drinks and shopping!! If you missed tickets, don’t fear, I’ve dropped all the stock in the shop by 40% so that you can feel part of the pop up extravaganza too!

Tradies In Business Is Ramping Up

Long-time followers will know that I have a second business, Tradies in Business. Over the last 18 months, my partner and I have been working tirelessly to create a group for tradies, to learn, network and share with their peers. In April this year, we launch our own DIY training program that has seen almost 100 trade business owners get better informed on how to run their businesses. Since then, we’ve launched a group business coaching program, and right now, we are writing our first ever long course. Early in the new year, we’ll have all our modules together to teach tradies how to effectively run their business, over a 6 week period.

I am loving the information we are able to deliver through this program, but I’ve got to get my but into gear and get the course finished!!

Inside The Build Is Finally Launching

I’ve promised this one a few times, but before Christmas, my course to teach you everything you need to know about building and renovating will be going live! I”ve spent 12 months building this course, but neglected it last year as Tradies in Business was my priority. Now though, I finally have space in my life (I think) for both of our babies, and it’s time to come good on my promise. So if you are considering building or renovating, be sure to subscribe for your special offer exclusive to subscribers only.

While we are only partway through the month, it’s going to be a corker!! We may not be doing major Renos for clients any more, but we are feeling the Christmas rush like usual. I look forward to getting back to sharing much more of Pen Y Llechwedd with you!

How’s your rush into Christmas looking?

Nicole xxx

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