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Tech Talk-What is a Nogging?

Tech Talk-What is a Nogging?

It’s such a strange word, and one that I overheard a lot when I first came into the industry, specifically when working with the carpenters. A nogging is a horizontal bracingthat is used inbetween the vertical ‘studs’ in the wall, or inbetween the floor joists, to make the structure ridged.

page_008_noggings_diagram.The noggins can be made from timber or steel, and is usually a little longer than the space it is going into, and then wedged firmly to give the maximum strength. The spaces between the noggings, is different according to each building code, and the strengh needed for the specfic area. For example, in a cyclone prone area, more noggings are required.

Did you know what a nogging was?

Nicole xx

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