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New Year Party Inspiration-Inspired Space

New Year Party Inspiration-Inspired Space

Now that Christmas is over, we can celebrate the year that was and welcome the fresh shiney new one as it arrives! New Years Eve used to be my least favourite night of the year, full of expectations ready to disappoint. It’s only been in the last few years I have learnt to relax and enjoy the evening for what it is, rather than placing expectations on what I think it should be.

TBW New Year Collage

This year we are heading next door for a New Years Eve party, but it got me thinking, if I were to be hosting this year, how would it look? Here is a few of my favourite inspiration from trusty Pinterest.


Image Source

It would most definitely have a colour theme, black and gold is right on the money!


Image Source

There must be sparklers and pretty lights.


Image Source

The will be flowers of course.


Image Source

Naturally Champagne, and lots of it!!


Image Source

Nibbles anyone?


Image Source

And plenty of good friends to share the evening.

Are you hosting a New Years eve party this year? What would your party look like?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Love the inspiration here. We are heading to a friends place where there will be a lot of kids. Not sure we will make it to midnight but we will give it a try. ?

    1. We really enjoy our new years eve with the kids. Their enthusiasm and energy generally is responsible for keeping us up to see the new year in, otherwise we’d be off to bed ?

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