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New Build Or Renovation – A Few Tips To Get You Through

New Build Or Renovation – A Few Tips To Get You Through

Are you considering a new build or a renovation? It can be a stressful process when you are not sure what to expect. I have a mountain of information here on the blog, however wading through it all can be a little time consuming. Last week I put together a guide of my top 5 posts to read before you begin the process of building or renovating, today I am sharing my top 5 posts to help get you through your New Build or Renovation process.

Building Or Renovating? A Few Tips To Get You Through

Surviving A New Build

Surviving a new build can sound really daunting, however with a few plans in place, it actually doesn’t need to be as stressful as you might think. Take a read of this post to get you ready for the big build!

It’s Tuesday, Where’s My Builder?

It’s a common misconception that your builder or their tradies will be on site all day every day until your job is complete. It is one of the greates causes of dispute in the early days of a relationship between builder and client. Read this post to help you understand what you can expect during your new build or renovation.

How To Survive A Renovation

Having both built and renovated, I believe that surviving a renovation is far more difficult than surviving a new build. Again, it doesn’t need to be all stress and with a few simple ideas, you can enjoy the process too. Read this post to get you prepared.

How To Get The Best From Your Tradesperson

There is no denying that this is a touchy subject for many, but I am a firm believer in both the client and the builder or tradesperson to be responsible for the best job possible. Clients need to focus on communication as much as the builder/tradie for the job to reach a satisfying end. This post talks about how to get the best from your tradesperson.

What Is A Builders Clean?

As crazy as this sounds, this is one of my all time highest ranking posts! There must be a lot of confusion about what to expect from your builders clean. Read here to understand what your builder is responsible for.

Whether a new build or a renovation, the best chance you have of making it through without too much stress, is education. Have a read through a few of these to give yourself the best opportunity to have a enjoyable build process.

Have you built or renovated before? Got any tips to add?

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