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After the dramatic events of the past weeks, our family quickly realised how much we have to be grateful for. At the begining of this year, I was posting a photo of something I was grateful for, every day on Instagram. I used this moment to find something that I usually took for granted each day, and give thanks and appreciation for it. From the little parts of our day to the big, lets all take some time to reflect how fortunate we are each day.


Can I encourage you to become a part of a community of gratitude? Take a little time whenever you can, to post a photo on Instagram of something you are grateful for. Lets come together, and for one moment in each day, lets be present, think of only the thing we are grateful for, and share with our friends. Be sure to use the hashtag #mydailygratefuls, so that we can join together in gratitude.

This is my first big step in living a life of now, instead of becoming bogged down in the what if, when I’s and one days. Will you join me?

You can find my Instagram here.

Linking up today with Jess from Essentially Jess for #IBOT

Nicole xxx


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  1. I have so much to be grateful for also and at times do need reminding! A great idea Nicole and I’ll join in when I remember, although I usually forget to do the daily FMS challenge I have signed up for!

    1. It would be lovely to see what you are grateful for Em. Thanks for dropping by xx

  2. Lovely idea – good for you! (not on instagram)

    1. Thank you Lydia, I will be sure to regularly update my Facebook page and post on here as well. Just to keep myself accountable. x

  3. There’s nothing on earth that makes you feel better than gratitude. I’m not on Instagram but think it’s a beautiful idea.

    1. Thank you Michelle, and you are so right! Gratitude can change a situation in a moment and turn it from a negative one to an experience. x

  4. Good for you and what a beautiful photo of your boys! I did a 365 Grateful Project which I finished in April this year. It was such a worthwhile exercise. I posted a photo every day for 365 days on my previous blog (with a hiccup here and there). By scanning each and every one of my days looking for something I was grateful for – it helped me to slow down and notice things around me again – at a time when I really needed that. I still do look for something in each of my days that I am grateful for ?

    1. 365 Grateful Project sounds like something I will have to check out. It’s amazing how much we take for granted each day, we get so busy in life it becomes automatic to forget to stop and be grateful. I would like to live a more present life. xx

  5. What a lovely idea, Nicole. I am just new to Instagram and I’m loving it. I’ve just followed you ?

    1. Welcome to Instagram, warning, warning, it’s addictive!! I use it far more than any other social media format now, and love it. I’ve found you and look forward to following your journey xx

  6. what a beautiful idea, love it xx grateful for so much!

    1. Thank you Helen, I hope you will be able to join in xxx

  7. I’m so glad to read this post as Christmas comes up. So many of us are too focused on the materialistic aspects of the season and not enough of what it means – gratitude, community and peace. Will definitely be playing over on IG x

    1. Thank you Grace, you are so right, especially at Christmas we tend to get caught up in the materialistic aspect. It will be great to have you joining our community on IG xx

  8. This is such a great idea, it’s so easy to forget. I will link up on Instagram!

    1. Excellent Eva, Thank you xx

  9. Oh this really is a great idea. It’s so easy to forget to be grateful for all of the good things!

    1. Thank you Lucy, I just know it will bring some perspective into my life xx

  10. I love this Nicole! We have so much to be grateful for but I find busyness prevents us from counting our blessings.

    1. Thank you Bec, life is just so busy at times. xx

  11. We spend time every day as a family going around and saying what we are thankful for. It’s good to get kids in the habit of it as well.

    1. What a lovely idea! I am most definitely going to use this with our children each night at the dinner table. Thank you Jess, love it!

  12. Good for you. And yes, we all should stop and think about how much we have to be grateful for. It makes the disappointments a lot easier to bear when we get them into perspective. #TeamIBOT

    1. Thank you Bec, it is so easy to get swept up in the moment. x

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