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This week I would like to reflect over my gratefuls, using words. I have so very much to be grateful for everyday. I have 5 healthy children, a loving and supportive husband, an amazing father, and so many kind, caring and loving friends. I have a wonderful support network built of like minded people, I am truly blessed with the big things in life.


This morning however, when I woke up, rolled out of bed, and placed my feet on the ground, it struck me how lucky I am to have feet, furthermore, how lucky I am that when I wake, I roll out of a comfortable bed, and put my feet on clean timber floors. Imagine waking each morning and putting your feet down onto dirt floors, or not having feet to put down in the first place.

And how about the luxury of pressing the button on the kettle for my morning cup of tea, or even being able to afford the cup of tea, the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables available to us in our supermarkets. The computer I am writing on, or the internet to send that writing out into the world around us. The morning light as it twinkles through the trees, the chatter of the birds as they gently wake us each morning.

Sometimes the enormity of just how much there is to be grateful for hits, and I am able to reflect that no matter what happens, good, bad or indifferent, there will always be something for me to be grateful for. This is such a comforting thought, we are all so blessed.

What are you grateful for today?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Beautiful post, Nicole! Sometimes, I’m grateful for just waking up and having another day and for being fit and healthy enough to get up and enjoy it. There’s so much to be grateful for each and every day xx

    1. Thank you Sammie, we most certainly do xx

    2. So true Sammie, we are all so lucky xxx

  2. Love this Nicole. You have such a beautiful heart. We have so much to be grateful for. ?

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