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Over the last few weeks on Instagram, I’ve been taking the time to show you the things I am grateful for. This visual reminder is meant to be encouraging for us all to take the time and reflect over just how wonderful the world around us is. I spent a great deal of time only looking at the big things in my life, when I made the decision to look for the smaller things, I really began to have a new appreciation for how amazing and precious life is. It keeps me living in the moment, it keeps gratitude in my life, it helps give me balance and perspective. Would you care to join me? Take a picture of something you are grateful for and post on Instagram of Facebook with the hashtag #mydailygratefuls encourage your friends and your family to join you. Let’s create a community of appreciation and gratitude. Here are some of the thing I’ve been grateful for.


I am grateful for moments in time with my Nan


For business lunches with my Husband


For the scent of this beautiful rose, oh it was heavenly!


For our Friday date ?

What have you been grateful for this week?

Nicole xxx


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  1. I’m grateful for new friends, old friends, an afternoon in the harbour and weather cool enough to run outside in!

    1. Such wonderful things to be grateful for xx

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