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My Top 11 Picks From Matt Blatt

My Top 11 Picks From Matt Blatt

Recently I was offered the opportunity to work with Matt Blatt. Now when first given this opportunity my initial reaction was to email back and say, “I’m so sorry, I just don’t fit the mould required”. I knew Matt Blatt to create amazing furniture, however had only ever thought it was modern and more suited to houses other than our old traditional Queenslander. Fortunately, I received a favourable reply and given the opportunity to browse through the website to see if there was something that took my eye, and wasn’t I surprised!

Shopping Traditional Style with Matt Blatt


I was super surprised at the depth of product available at Matt Blatt, a store I had honestly not considered shopping at, but look at how many (and this is not all of them) items they had to suit my style!

A Chesterfield is a timeless classic that would fit in most homes, even a modern home, those Bentwood stools, have me drooling. We had a lot of trouble sourcing chairs for our dining room when we first bought our table 2 years ago, the classic look of a Crossback chair that is high quality was really hard to find. If only I had of thought to look here.

I really love the collection of antique looking tins available as well. They work so well in a vignette. Good fake plants can be used in so many spaces in the home, and the round rug is a winner for bringing warmth and texture to a room. You can find all of these items online at Matt Blatt.

I learned a valuable lesson while researching for this post, you can never judge a shop by it’s cover! Dig a little deeper, you might be very surprised what you can find.

What shop has surprised you with their range? Do you have a traditional style home? Which is your favourite piece in the range?

Nicole xxx

This post was written in collaboration with Matt Blatt.






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  1. I love what you’ve picked and I always thought Matt Blatt was quite modern in design. Thank you for showing me there are more traditional options available too.

    1. You are very welcome! I had so much fun xx

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