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My Favourite Space with Sasha From the Left Field

My Favourite Space with Sasha From the Left Field

I have a bit of a love affair with Sasha’s blog From the Left Field, though I suspect my love affair is actually with the awesome information and perspective that Sasha gives. Honest and sassy, with a side of good advice, I really enjoy what she shares. Sarah’s bio describes her as a head-shrinker, music nutter, wine guzzling, Mama-type. A hoarder extraordinaire, with the art of procrastination down to a fine art. Dr. Phil’s alter-ego. With hair. And a potty mouth. She blogs over at From the Left Field, waffling about kids, parenting, self-help, and wine.

OK on reflection perhaps it’s her affinity with wine that I really enjoy! With great parenting posts like, Where The Wild Things Grow, and advice like Is Medication for The Weak, or this funny look at the downside to Party Dad, this blog has a little something for everyone.

Bio pic (259x300)

My favourite space
Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a potty mouthed midget who hoards too many things and loves a wine… or five. I’m also a psychologist, researcher and occasionally I like to moonlight as a Mum. Having welcomed our third little cherub in August, my moonlighting may need to knock it up a notch. Oh and I write a blog over at From the Left Field, looking at straight shooting ways to think and feel good.
Tell us about your favourite space?
I’m going to be a bit cheeky and roll my outside and inside space into one whole thing. I love our main living space within our house, but I also love the actual area that we live in, with big, lush bushland and parks behind us and the most hipster café that ever did exist literally at the end of our street. Our place is a whole package!

What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?
Inside: I love that it’s all very open plan, and that everything takes place in this space. I can cook dinner and keep an eye on the kids, I can desperately get a coffee while not missing my reality trash tv (Real Housewives ftw!), and I can chill and work all at the same time. I work from home in part, so having an open plan space is great for me to be able to work and also be with the family. It gets a tad tricky to get all the things done, but it works for us.

My Favourite Space with Sasha


Outside: We live in a neat little pocket of town, where we’re really close to all the big amenities and only 7km from the CBD, but our neck of the woods is really chilled and natured filled.
We have a brook at the end of our street that runs from one side of town to the other, a bike path that does the same, gorgeous tree-lined streets and a big parkland out the back.

What are your favourite items in this space?

Inside: I still love our table and chairs after all these years. Going with an Eames flavour for the chairs and monochrome all the way. With a little bit of Vera Wang magic for the centrepiece bowl. It’ll be the only bit of Vera I’ll ever own. My husband was adamant he wasn’t going to like the combo, until he saw it and I got to say those magical words… “I told you so”. No wife was ever happier. 


Our couch is massive. Which is great because now with three kids, we’re going to need it. In saying that, we all end up huddled into one corner anyway. The cushions I got on a trip to Melbourne last year. We visited the Rose St. Markets and I found Nowhere Creek, and I was in love!



We have these fab black tiles that after all these years I’m still not sick of. We chose them purposely. Because. Crazy dog and crazy kids breed crazy amounts of mess. We went with a rectangular tile instead of the conventional squares. They’re textured and give the house a dramatic look. Our tiler laid them in a way that really gives a bit of flair to the place. And now subway splash backs are all the rage, our tiles are trendy and everything.

Outside: Well the tree-lined street, seeing the brook flowing with water, and also having our all-time favourite café at the end of our street- what’s not to love? It’s so quiet and peaceful, our kids get to see all kinds of wildlife, but yet we’re so close to the city. There’s even a bunch of cows that live near us- which is quite odd to see when there’s peak hour traffic right next to their paddock.

2. parkland


How does this space make you feel?
Inside: Relaxed… when I’m not at the dining table working. Or when the kids aren’t throwing toys all over the place. Or when I’m trying to restrain myself from snacking all day with the fridge just begging to be opened. So pretty much not relaxed….  No really, I do feel pretty relaxed there, because it’s got that flowing vibe to it.

Outside: I love just taking a quick stroll to the end of our street and seeing the parklands. Or even across the road where we have a lovely little bridge and foliage. I’ll often go out and snap pics, just because it’s all so pretty. And peaceful!

I don’t think that Sasha is being cheeky at all, what a gorgeous space inside and out. Our kids would love having all that bushland so close by. I am a big fan of Nowhere Creek myself!

Now that you’ve had a little peak at Sasha’s space, why not pop over to her blog, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages and show her some love!

What is your favourite space? Do you have a park nearby?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Love a bit of Vera Wang in the dining room! Like having a bride lying on your table practically – ha, ha. Just read the Party Dad piece and we definitely didn’t have a Party Dad. Or a Party Mum. But we had a pretty great childhood anyway. My sister just divorced her Party Dad. Too much!!

    1. Ha ha, a bride laying on your table, cool thought! My Dad was a real mix of party Dad and stern , the perfect mix actually. ?

  2. Oh Sasha just oozes awesome! I love this sneak peak into her place – what an ace space! I love it!

    1. Me too Sammie, a very ace space!

  3. What a great space. Love the dining room and the monochrome furniture. What a great place to live in.

    1. We used to dream of a small yard with a park across the road, something we didn’t have to mow and upkeep. It’s the perfect mix in our eyes.

  4. You are blessed with some gorgeous spaces Sasha! I love the music sheet wall! That is super cool! and I love your dining room too.

    1. It’s a lovely space! xx

  5. Oh! It’s exactly as I imagined Sash! Very you! Love it! It feels like we’ve just had a cup of tea at your place. Love you’ve got cows so near by – bet the kids love it too. What a top location!! x

  6. Oh LOL we have those exact same dining chairs except I have the white ones! Girl has good taste (and monochrome for the win – always!)

  7. We’ve missed you online Dr Sash but lived this little sneak peak into your beautiful home. Your couch looks super inviting. If I lived closer I’d say pop the kettle on… xx

  8. Looks like a gorgeous corner of the world Doc!

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