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My Favourite Space with Sarah Bowen

My Favourite Space with Sarah Bowen

Let me introduce you to Sarah. Sarah writes a blog called, Sarahdipity, I know right, how awesome is the name! A serial worrier and self confessed perfectionist, Sarah formally of The Routine Queen, has started a fresh, shiny new blog. With her Sunday Sessions, Musings and this really interesting read about Crossing Over, Sarah’s blog is full of promise for what is to come.


Tell us a little about yourself?
Hi, I’m Sarah. I live with my husband, my four year old son and our golden retriever in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. I’m currently taking the year off from my job in children’s services, event and project management within local government to focus on being a mum and writing. I blog at Sarahdipity on a regular basis where I share bits and pieces of my musings, wanderings and happenings.
Tell us about your favourite space?
My favourite space is our onsite caravan located on the Bellarine Pennisula. We brought the van two years ago as a little getaway for our family and spend many weekends and school holidays there. Our space is made up of an 18 foot caravan and built on annex, with ample outdoor space surrounding it. The inside of the caravan is totally retro (we’re talking orange, brown and plaid) and not really that pretty at all but that just doesn’t even matter! It’s got everything we need- comfy beds, a complete kitchen and loads of storage space


What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?
Like I said, this space isn’t really that visually appealing but the reason I love it so much is because of all the memories we have made, and continue to make there. Days spent here are fun and carefree. We play, eat, go to the beach, enjoy the outdoors and just spend quality time together. The van can sleep twelve people in total so we often have friends and family come to stay. It’s our own little simple slice of heaven on the beach.



What are your favourite items in this space?
The outdoor shower (which my hubby actually got as a Christmas present). It gets a lot of use during summer as a quick way to cool down or wash the sand off after a trip to the beach. Also our ‘Chill, Bliss, Calm, Relax’ sign from Kmart; it’s a reminder of what the space is all about.


How does this space make you feel?
Relaxed and happy. As soon as I arrive there I instantly feel my body relax and switch into weekend mode.

Thank you Sarah, I LOVE your van. The memories your family are making in this awesome retro space, will last a lifetime. Thank you for sharing.

Sarah can be found on her Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Did you ever stay in a caravan as a child? Fancy summer holidays by the beach?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Such a great space! Anywhere you can go to chill and relax is just awesome!

    Thanks for sharing favourite spaces with us Nicole!

    1. Too right Cathy!

    2. Isn’t it the best! Love the idea of a caravan by the sea ?

  2. Memories make a place for sure. Will have to go and check out your blog Sarah.

    1. So true. Thanks Kathy, would love you to stop by ?

    2. Perfectly put Kathy!

  3. Oh I’m such a banana, I didn’t realise Sarahdipity was THAT Sarah! I love the caravan – what a wonderful seaside escape!

    1. Haha Sammie, yep that’s me!

    2. Can you imagine the bliss of your own space by the sea! Oh so lovely ?

  4. Oh- this totally took me back to my childhood! That brown, orange and plaid- the memories! What precious memories you are making for your little man, Sarah!

    1. Thanks Shannon. We grew up holidaying in a caravan and loved it so it means a lot that we can do the same for our son.

    2. Me too Shannon, we stayed in a van decorated in these colours when I was a child, such a lovely memory. x

  5. Perfect family holiday escape. Love it.

    1. Sure is Sam, we love it too!

  6. I love that you have a place to go to bed n weekends or short trips away. How cool is that outdoor shower? Thank you for sharing your favourite space with us Sarah. X

  7. […] time with your kids. Personally I’m planning some fun outings and to spend some time at our favourite place. Oh and there will be lots eating Easter eggs I’m sure; I figure the faster we eat ’em […]

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