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My Favourite Space with Rachael from Hip Brown Home

My Favourite Space with Rachael from Hip Brown Home

This week’s share on My Favourite Space is from Rachael of Hip Brown Home. Rachael is an interior stylist, property stylist, prop stylist and also an interiors blogger. I’m sure you’ll be envious of her view from their living/dining room like I am! Enjoy.

My Favourite Space with Rachael from Hip Brown Home


Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Rachael, I am an Interior Stylist. I started my styling business “Hip Brown Home” about two and half years ago now. It was a natural career development from a Interiors blog I started way back in 2011 called Hip BrownThings; it was all about styling our previous post war cottage and creating fun little diy projects. I am a creative soul and I enjoy sharing styling knowledge and know how. I also did a few courses through Megan Morton’s The School and the rest is history / meant to be. I really enjoy the varied range of work I do from Property Styling, Interior Styling, House Shoots and Prop Styling; it really is one of the ‘loves of my life”.

My Favourite Space

Tell us about your favourite space?

My favourite space is this nook in our open plan living/ dining and kitchen. We’ve only lived in this home for a year now and we’re currently in the throes of organising a renovation. Our new home needs a much bigger kitchen for our family, new flooring and a few other minor cosmetic necessities. Having said that, I feel the bones of this 90’s house is quite special and I’m really looking forward to simplifying its beauty!

What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?

I really love the view from these double doors, this particular view is what my family and I fell in love with when we first laid eyes on this home. I like to open the double doors and feel the fresh breeze blowing and listen to the birds chirping around our home.

My Favourite Space
What are your favourite items in this space?

I love my mid-century teak chair. One of my first ever client’s, whom I knew through my children’s school gave me two of these chairs as payment for my styling services. Isn’t that just the best thing ever?; I love them! I also love the mustard wall vase, I decorate it with flowers and green cuttings from our garden. I’m also really loving the Prickly Pear cactus, which was a recent roadside find. I’d needed a Prickly Pear for house shoot I was working on and found that whilst you can find lots of succulents in Garden Nursery’s, Cactus Plants are tricky to find now days. So I googled how to “unearth a Prickly Pear as safely as possible’ and then had to get my brave on because I am a chicken when it comes to being a natural – forager.


How does this space make you feel?

One of my favourite things to do in this space is to watch low clouds float on by this mountain, it makes me feel so peaceful. I feel really close to nature in this little spot of mine, it’s where I can sit and feel grateful for the beauty in which we live.

Thank you Rachael for sharing a little piece of your paradise with us. If you’d like to find out more about Rachael, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, or check out her Website.

Do you have a gorgeous view from your home? Have you ever been pricked by a cactus?

Nicole xxx


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  1. What a gorgeous space. It looks like it was made for a magazine. I would love a favourite space but at this stage I just don’t have one.

  2. I do have a gorgeous view from my home. Our house is only 12 months old and it was purposely built so that we could see the magnificent view of the nearby mountains from our living area. I’ve done very little in the way of furnishing as yet (too much else occupying my time and budget!) but a little nook like this would be perfect. Swoon! Thanks for the inspiration ?

  3. That’s certainly a gorgeous space! I have a view and it’s a gorgeous view of the ocean. I used to live right opposite the ocean in an apartment but recently sold and moved and my new place is further away but I’m on a hill so have gorgeous ocean views along the entire length of my new house. The entire thing is windows and doors, so it’s stunning. (And I’m very lucky!)

  4. Golly, I feel relaxed just gazing upon that beautiful setting. That view and that chair – sublime! Such a gorgeous setting, thanks for sharing it Nicole and Rachael.

  5. What a spot! I could sit there for hours and enjoy that view. Hi lovely Rachel and Nicole, have a wonderful weekend guys x

  6. What a great space! I love the chair.

  7. Hello Nicole,
    I only just found out about this post…. Thanks so much for sharing my favourite space.
    Feel very privileged to be here. I do hope you’ve had a lovely, restful weekend!!
    Much love
    Rachael xx

  8. Those double doors and that view… how gorgeous. What a fabulous space to sit and read.

  9. Now that is a beautiful little corner! A lot of great inspiration would come from that spot, I’m sure!

    1. I agree!

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