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My Favourite Space with Nikki Dudley from Nooks and Cranny

My Favourite Space with Nikki Dudley from Nooks and Cranny

I first met Nikki at Problogger in August, when this absolutely stunning woman approached me out of the crowd to say hi. Niks is as gorgeous in personality as she is appearance. A super professional woman, who joins her husband Luke as the amazing DIY team Nooks and Cranny. Nooks and Cranny is a DIY renovation blog aimed to inspired and assist enthusiasts create beautiful homes. (on a budget) If you are looking for DIY inspiration look no further than Niks and Luke who have shared such projects as DIY Chicken Coop and Run and 8 Tips to Creating Stylish Budget Kitchens. Nikki has such a beautiful space to share with you today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Nikki Dudley Headshot

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a modern-country interiors lover and a hands-on DIY junkie that’s appropriately spent the last ten years hitched with a builder (Luke). We’ve recently packed in our corporate lifestyle and moved to a five acre doer-upper-er in Canungra, Queensland where we share our home renovation, inspiration and DIY tips and plans over on our blog nooks & cranny. I love a good online bargain and buying in bulk when the price is just right.
Oh and Aldi. Yes, I’m an Aldi shopper (be nice, don’t judge me).
Tell us about your favourite space?

I hope this isn’t cheating, but without a doubt, I’m most grateful for my new backyard. This somewhat large ‘space’ is truly transformational to anyone with a pulse.


It brings a smile and a sigh of “ahhhh” to everyone who steps foot in it. But most importantly it’s our favourite spot in the house to sit with a glass of vino as a couple and laugh about our day. You will find me here most afternoons often ‘touring’ the yard with Luke and spotting new growth, fruit and buds. (Bring on Spring/Summer).

Nikki and hydrangeas
What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?

The unique ebb-and-flow of the block (formerly a hydroponic strawberry and tomato farm) creates a sense of rarity and interest – and not to mention it’s lined in almost fifty mature macadamia trees and various other fruit trees galore.

However the best part has gotta be our streaming Canungra Creek frontage with endless water supply (for residential use only). It also seems to have some form of volcanic rock formation at the foot of the creek bed with the perfect indents to sit with a cheese platter and watch the world go by.


I look forward to also installing one of those hanging outdoor egg chairs from a tree and using this as a reflection nook in the garden.

Canungra Creek
What are your favourite items in this space?


1. The rainforest feel of emerald green native ferns and bottle brush trees enclosing the creek track,
2. The floating island feature of built up rocks which creates directional water flow,
3. Rolling out my yoga mat and setting up for my practice,
4. Sharing this space with my friends, family and dogs Toby and Chelsea (‘cause our pony Rose isn’t a huge fan, as I think the rolling water scares her), and
5. Luke’s nieces and nephews also love riding the currents in their inflatable rings and swimming in the waterhole during summer – so I better add these toys to the list too.

Yoga mat at home
How does this space make you feel?

The space is a sanctuary that makes me feel like the luckiest gal alive (corny I know). Though I can recall lakes, vistas and views I’ve seen and snapped throughout Queensland, Australia and even Canada of which our lil backyard paradise packs-a-punch against these super memories.
I recommend everyone get acquainted with their yard (or verandah) as it’s truly soul food – each and every day.

Thanks Nikki, what an amazing backyard! I am so envious of this beautiful space. It would be a wonderful stress reliever, oh and I can just imagine heading down there with a bottle of wine and some cheese to share. Bliss!



Nikki can be found sharing her DIY tips on her Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and on YouTube. Be sure to stop on by and let her know I said hello!

Are you envious of Nikki and Luke’s backyard? What wine would you like to share while sitting by the stream?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Thanks Nicole for sharing my fav space with your lovely readers. Very grateful we got the opportunity to meet. See you tomorrow at Interiors Addict (yeah)!

    1. Thank you for joining in, the pleasure was all mine xx

  2. Now that’s what I call a backyard! How glorious! I think if I had a backyard that beautiful, I might never want to go inside! I love this series so much, Nicole and thank you Nikki for sharing your little piece of paradise!

    1. It’s just beautiful, isn’t it xx

  3. I had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful sanctuary yesterday and loved every minute – Nik you definitely are the luckiest girl alive ? Thank you for sharing xx

    1. How lucky Carrie! Hope you enjoyed your visit! xx

  4. Wow! What a beautiful place to hang out and it’s in their backyard!! Love Niks space! I bet it is very calming to sit and eat a cheese platter with the soft sounds of water drifting by.

    1. Oh transport me now!!

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