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My Favourite Space With Nicole Clarke

Last year after giving a speech to 120 peers at the HIA Women in Construction Luncheon, I was absolutely blessed to meet some of my readers, Nicole Clarke was one of these. Nicole is a stylist for her own company The Style Game, and my goodness is her work gorgeous!! I am really thrilled to be able to share Nicole’s favourite space this week, and in a few weeks time, we will be sharing Nicole’s trade story which I am sure you will also love. Not only do Nicole and I share a wonderful name, we share the same favourite space, but I’ll let Nicole tell you all about that.

My Favourite Space with Nicole Clarke – The Style Game


Tell us a little about yourself?

“Nicole is a professional property stylist and the principal of The Style Game, based in the beautiful bay side area of Wynnum/Manly, Brisbane.

Nicole is a member of QIDA (Queensland Interior Decorators Association) and a professional member of IIHS (International Institute of Home Staging) and HIA Finalist for Property Styling in 2016.”

I am a crazy, busy wife and Mum to two beautiful boys, well young men almost! I work hard, I never sit still, and my husband thinks I’m a perfectionist, he’s probably right! I love the ocean, the smell when rain first hits the earth, all things art and my family. I love to be fit and healthy but can’t live without cheese and red wine.

Tell us about your favourite space?

My favourite place is Coolum Beach, where I spent a lot of time over school holidays with my Nanna and lots of cousins.


What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?

It reminds me of her and it holds many happy family memories. The sound of the waves is my relaxation trigger and walking along the sand at sunset; while clichéd, is the only time I really stop.



What are your favourite items in this space?

The colours of the water, the smells of the beach, the new boardwalk along the front but mostly nothing tangible, it’s just the time it gives me.


How does this space make you feel?

It’s my happy place.

It is my happy place too! I was brought up holidaying on the beach at Coolum, and we take our kids there often for Summer holidays as well. Such a lovely community feel, right on the beach side and what a beach it is!

If you would like to know more about Nicole and her work you can find her at her website, on Instagram and Facebook.

Do you prefer the beach or the bush? How does the ocean make you feel?

Nicole xxx



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