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My Favourite Space-With Min Gillespie from Write of the Middle

My Favourite Space-With Min Gillespie from Write of the Middle

This weeks My Favourite Space is brought to you by the very lovely Min from Write of the Middle. It was her amazing photography that hooked me to her blog. Min is a photographer, and her photographs are stunning. Her recent trip to Tasmania gave her some extraordinary landscape to capture. You can get yourself acquainted with Min’s trip here, here and here. If your looking for some tips to rebuild your self-confidence, look no further than Min’s blog for inspiring posts such as 14 Ways to help rebuild self-confidence. Min’s is a seeker of balance of the mind, body, and spirit, and her blog is a real source of enlightenment. I hope you enjoy Min’s lounge room as much as I did.



Tell us about yourself?


Well lets see – most people call me Min so that’s the name I go by over at my blog – Write of the Middle. Min is a nickname given to me by a childhood friend and neighbour who is still a very dear friend of mine today. My first name is actually Marguerite! It seemed such a shame that my given name was rarely used so I decided to reclaim it and use it for my photography – ‘Marguerite Louise Photography’. Aside from my name, the next thing to describe me would be that I’m not tall! I don’t like the word ‘short’ so let’s just say that I am petite at just a smidge over 5ft. Last year my age clicked over to 50 and as a 35 year old I’m still trying to come to terms with how that can be possible! I have three kids who are no longer kids but all still living at home. I’m an introvert who has become more introverted as I get older but I can still fake being an extrovert if need be! I’m a recovering perfectionist and a caring, sensitive soul who can sometimes feel too deeply for my own good! I walked away from a corporate career three years ago for very good reason. Now I’m broke with regards to $$’s but richer with regards to long overdue investment in myself. I’ve discovered that I enjoy blogging and photography – something I never previously knew about myself!

Tell us about your favourite space?

I enjoy our lounge room. We have a family room at the back of the house that houses our large flat screen TV, the DVD’s, the Wii and other gaming consoles, and that is where the family spend a lot of time. The lounge room, at the front of the house, is mostly only used when we have guests so therefore it’s a lovely place to escape to and be alone which the introvert in me loves. It’s where the piano is and big comfy lounges and a bookshelf full of books. The colours in this room are deep, rich, vibrant and warm which I find so welcoming, soothing and relaxing.



FB SingaporeEggs BG Loungeroom

What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?

There are many places around the house that I enjoy but this space is where I retreat to when I need some time out to de-stress, unwind and/or relax. There are so many happy and warm memories to be found in all the objects in this space. Spending time in this space makes me feel good!

FG Cushions BG Piano

There’s a reading lamp over one of the lounges so it’s a fantastic place to curl up with a book and read. There’s also our gorgeous piano to sit at and tinker on.


What are your favourite items in this space?

The piano has a story to it and means a lot to me. When I was a child we lived for two years in the rural Queensland town of Mitchell. Dad had been transferred there with work. I had a strong interest in learning the piano so Mum and Dad bought a piano from a family who had owned it for quite some time within the generations of their family. The piano was estimated to be around 100 years old at the time my parents purchased it. It is a German built ‘Renardi’. Some time after I was married, my parents offered the piano to me and we have had it ever since. It really needs tuning but I love having it. I did learn piano as a child but I never sat exams. I play more by ear than by reading music these days. I’m no pianist but I do enjoy a tinker. It’s so relaxing! When the kids were little, around Christmas time, we would often gather around the piano. I’d play Christmas carols and we’d all sing along. Nowadays, if I try and do that they all roll their eyes at me! haha





The books on the bookshelf all bring back different memories. Some might have been read when we were on a particular holiday and when I look at them I am transported back to that holiday. Some remind me of a certain phase in my life – it might be where I was working at the time of reading that book or a certain age I might have been or a certain friendship group I hung around with at that time or maybe even memories of the early days of my marriage, before kids!


The table runners, the wooden dish containing wooden eggs, the set of coasters on the side table and lots of other Asian artifacts in the room remind me of my trip to Singapore to visit my sister. It was such an exciting trip for me. My first ever (and only LOL) trip overseas!


The Japanese vase on the coffee table was a gift from my brother for looking after his dog while he was on holiday in JapanJapaneseVase-CoffeeTable

There is a delicate glass plate on top of the piano that my sister gave me for a birthday gift. There are mine and my siblings wedding photos on top of the piano. On the bookcase there’s a music box that my parents brought back for me from Switzerland when they went on their big Europe trip just after Dad retired. When you open it, it plays Edelweiss. I love that tune and of course it always reminds me of that scene towards the end of ‘The Sound of Music’ movie.

How does this space make you feel?

I think my response to the question above probably gives a good idea of how this room makes me feel. When I am in this room I feel enveloped with a warm and cozy feeling. I feel safe, relaxed and comfortable. It’s a great place for me to go to recharge. It’s a fabulous spot on a cold, rainy day and just as awesome on a hot summers day (ducted aircon)!


Side Table-SingaporeCoasters

I really love Min’s lounge room, it has all the elements I wish to recreate in my own. Warm, comfortable, with a strong sense of family history and love. I can feel the room sitting right here at my desk. If you enjoyed this little taste of Min’s photography, be sure to check out more at her Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

What was your favourite part of Min’s favourite space? Do you have a favourite space you’d like to share?

Nicole xxx


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  1. […] you’d like to read more and see some photos of my favourite space, CLICK HERE to read […]

  2. Oh Min’s photos are amazing – her lounge room looks so homely and that piano is truly spectacular. I love that it has such special history x

    1. Isn’t divine! I feel like I could sink into one of those chairs and read a good book. xx

    2. I’m so pleased you like my lounge room Ashlea! I see so many citrus coloured colour schemes these days that I was a bit concerned my taste was a bit dated! I love my ‘ol piano! ?

  3. What a stunning space, Min! And how I love to see a house with a bookcase full of well read books!

    1. Me too Eva, though for our library I am having to buy pre-read books to get the look. I just don’t have time anymore. xx

    2. Thank you Eva! To me, a house is not a home without a bookcase full of well read books! ?

  4. Gorgeous! I love her lounge room!

    1. Me too! xx

    2. Thank you so much Kat! x

  5. What a beautiful room, I dream of having somewhere like this to escape too. And that piano…I’m SO jealous. I often wish I still had mine and one day hope to purchase another. Xx

    1. I would LOVE a piano! I don’t have anywhere to put it, but I’d find space. I love having music in my house, makes my soul sing xx

      1. Maybe you can come over at Christmas and sing xmas carols with me Nicole – since my kids won’t do it with me anymore! lol ?

        1. I would love to do this!! It’s a dream of mine to have a white Christmas in which all my family is wearing matching jumpers, drinking eggnog and singing Christmas carols around the piano. Just like the movies xx

    2. Thanks Beck! I’m very lucky to have this piano! I really must get it tuned though! I love playing it – so relaxing and uplifting! ? xo

  6. Min,

    your escape room is heaven. But for me any room with books and a piano is so. All your treasures close at hand and the memories they recall are what home is about.

    Again you have really excelled with your photography. The way you use focus and depth of field is something that I am stunned by and admire so. You have mastered it and in reality I think it is a “trade mark” of your work. Your first photo of the wooden eggs just jumps out of the page. Its a traffic stopper. The books, the cushions, the piano. You can feel the warmth of the room.

    1. What a lovely comment Patrick, and I most definitely agree with you, Min’s photography is divine. She has a real talent. Thank you for dropping by xx

      1. Geesh I’m gonna get a swelled head! What nice things to say! Thank you Nicole ?

    2. I’m so glad you like the room Patrick, and thank you – you say the kindest things about my photography! ?

  7. Min, you are a gifted photographer. I love the focus you’ve used. Your house breathes warmth and class. I’m deeply envious x

    1. I agree!!

    2. Oh thank you so much! Such kind words! ? xo

  8. What an inviting space and the photography is just awesome! Books + a piano = just dreamy!

    1. Just beautiful! I feel right at home even looking through the computer xx

    2. Thank you Sammie, so glad you like! ? xo

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