My Favourite Space with Melissa from Suger Coat It

I am so excited to bring you this weeks My Favourite Space, we’ve had a little break, and it’s wonderful to be able to break the drought with a real super star! Melissa from Suger Coat It, was someone I must admit to hunting down at ProBlogger last month. Someone I have long admired and was just so pleased to have met.

As bold and beautiful in life as she is on her blog, Melissa walks the style she talks on the blog. Honest and inspiring, she tells a mean joke and has the rare ability to laugh at herself with ease. Party girl at heart, Melissa has just had a trip to Gympie for the Music Muster. Last week Melissa had some great advice for how to stay on track when life gets wobbly, as it does for all of us.

It’s that time of the week, to grab a cuppa and join me for a nosy around Melissa’s Favourite Space.


Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Melissa Walker Horn and I blog at Suger Coat It and my blog baby The Leave Home Blog. I’m an executive assistant, business owner, blogger, social media consultant and stripe lover. Mr Suger and I have been married for just over 10 years, have no kids and zero pets, but we do have big plans to retire on blog income. But until that ship comes in you’ll find us in our new home trying to work out how we accumulated so much stuff, drinking on the back veranda and laughing at our own jokes.

Tell us about your favourite space?

My favourite places is our new dining area in the new old house. This corner of the somewhat open plan lounge/dining room is my new favourite place to blog, hang out and kick back and enjoy the view.

sugers place - suger coat it

sugers place - suger coat it-13

What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?

When we purchased this house, built in the 70’s then renovated in the 90’s, we knew we wanted to cut through the wall to the kitchen to enable us to entertain in the way we had become accustomed. I sit at the table sometimes and smile because I’m so happy with how the whole thing turned out. The light is beautiful here; there’s this shaft of light that comes in around 7am that just makes getting out of bed and downstairs worth the trouble.

What are your favourite items in this space?

The Todd Dining Table from Freedom is my favourite item. I had never intended to purchase a round table but I saw this one and knew it would be perfect in the space. It’s a large table for the amount of room we have but being glass it just disappears and makes room visually for everything to fit. Second to that is my continental parsley as a potted plant.

sugers place - suger coat it-1

sugers place - suger coat it-18

How does this space make you feel?

Happy, short version. Proud, if you want me to delve in more (which you probably do). It wasn’t that long ago that we made the decision to sell our home of 6 years to tidy up some business finances loose ends. We wanted to clear some debts and see where we came out in the end. In that 6 months we did that, saved the deposit, found this house and made it ours. So when I sit at my dining table, and look through the servery window we made, I think of that and it makes me proud.

I really love this dining table, it’s so sexy and stylish. As an entertainer, I can really appreciate the view into the kitchen from the dining table. A beautiful space. If you would like to see a little more of Melissa, pop on over to her Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter and say hello!

What was your favourite part of Melissa’s space? Do you have a favourite space you’d like to share?

Nicole xxx


14 Responses to My Favourite Space with Melissa from Suger Coat It

  1. That table is beautiful. Also loving the colour of that rug underneath it plus the ‘more issues than Vogue’ print. Nothing like the house-proud feeling.

  2. The rug and table look fab – great choice!

  3. What a gorgeous dining room area. I love everything. Such stunning styling too. Well done Melissa. xx

    • Melissa Walker Horn says:

      Thank you Bec! We are so happy with how it has come along. Still a few things to do here and there with the old boxes as a shelf thing and as far as window treatments go, but from where we started it’s like heaven (bye bye salmon and avocado colour pallet).

    • nicole says:

      It is beautiful, isn’t it! xx

  4. I love that table – so much swoon – in fact, I think the whole space is ace. I would feel proud if that was my home too!

  5. I love the table and the wood,
    That rug looks just divine too, I bet it feels great underfoot.

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