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My Favourite Space with Malinda Brown from My Brown Paper Packages

My Favourite Space with Malinda Brown from My Brown Paper Packages

I had Malinda on my ‘must meet’ list for the ProBlogger weekend, but as fate would have it, in a room of 700 women it is nearly impossible to find all the people you’d like to say hi to. I am disappointed that we didn’t meet, because I love Malinda’s blog, My Brown Paper Packages Malinda is helping to create happiness in your everyday life, how does she do this, by sharing the most wonderful recipes, by hosting a Wednesday travel link up called Wednesday Wonderlust, by creating and living. It’s a happy place to be. Malinda lives on the sunny Gold Coast and is sharing a little of her home today.


Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Malinda, and I am lucky enough to have just bought my first home on the gorgeous Gold Coast. I live here with my husband, my two beautiful girls and my dog. I love inspiring others to be happy by sharing my stories about what I eat, my creative endeavours, where I travel and rambling about my favourite things at My Brown Paper Packages.

Tell us about your favourite space?
I love to be outdoors and regularly escape to Burleigh Headland in my spare time. However right now, and more often than not, you will find me sitting by my front window in my small patch of sunshine. At the moment, this is the hub of my world. From here I can watch the sunrise, watch my youngest daughter run around the backyard, supervise my other daughters homework, hear the oven timer, see my husband arrive home from work, rest my feet on the dog, see the mail man deliver my parcels, catch up on Netflix while I colour in, connect with people online, work, rest and play. Geez, I’m surprised I don’t sleep here after listing all that!

My Brown Paper Packages Favourite Space 4

What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?
From here I can still be in the centre of everything that is happening in my home while I either work or relax. I love that I can open the window wide for some invigorating fresh air and the sunshine streams through here almost all day. I am close to a power point, which is pretty important when you work online, I have a stash of books close by, and somewhere to sit my coffee. What more could I ask for.

My Brown Paper Packages Favourite Space 1

What are your favourite items in this space?
Everything. I love my vintage chair, especially the colour, and the blanket and sheepskin make it so cosy in winter time. The ‘old’ contrasts nicely with my IKEA hack colour dipped stool which is so multi purpose and has been getting a real workout. The stack of magazines, books and mindful colouring are always on hand for some quiet down time when I need to look away from the screen. Which sort of goes hand in hand with me having a snack. I love my fiddle leaf fig, which took so long for me to track down and I actually ended up getting my husband to buy it and bring it home on his motorbike (thanks to living in Thailand for those driving skills!). The copper lamp was (probably) the last of its kind in Australia before the next shipment arrived from the supplier over 6 months later and I just love it, especially with the classic bulb in it. I love the cushion too because it gives a real pop of colour and just makes me feel all whimsical and happy.

My Brown Paper Packages Favourite Space 6

How does this space make you feel?
This is my favourite space because I am always happy here. It spurs my creativity. I can be productive. I can relax. I can sit and ponder. I can snuggle and read books with my girls at night. I can have long meaningful conversations from here. It is my space and it makes me feel happy.

My Brown Paper Packages Favourite Space 1

I just love the way the sunshine streams in through the window, and really love the central position of this space. Anywhere I can see the children, while still having a little ‘space’ is perfect for me.If you’d like to share in Malinda’s My Brown Paper Packages, be sure to check out her Blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

What did you like most about Malinda’s space? Do you have a favourite space you’d like to share?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Oh I love Malinda and her blog and I was so happy that I tracked her down at ProBlogger. What a gorgeous spot – I love the way the light streams in and all the pops of colour. Just glorious!

    1. Thanks Sammie, it took us a fair bit of co-ordination to finally find each other didn’t it! Well worth it though. ?

    2. I love it too Sammie, I can just imagine sitting here with a good book and a cup of tea. xx

  2. I was lucky enough to meet Malinda at #PBevent and actually ran into her many times! She is lovely!! I love that vintage chair and the colour too! Gorgeous! Also love how the sunshine streams in the window through the blinds. I would be happy in that space too! ?

    1. It is pretty easy to be happy in this space, actually I am rugged up there right now ?
      Was wonderful to keep bumping into each other at the event too.

    2. Isn’t it just a gorgeous space, I think I could sit here for hours! xxx

  3. I love this! Pretty sure I have the EXACT same chair, which someone had dumped on the side of the road. I’ve been putting off getting it reupholstered for years because it’s going to cost a bomb but Malinda’s chair looks awesome!

    1. That’s so cool! you are right unfortunately, reupholstering costs a bomb! xx

    2. Great taste ? Keep the chair, hopefully you will get to reupholster it one day.

  4. Malinda has such a sunny on-line personality (at Problogger I found out that is an accurate reflection of her real life personality) …and now, seeing her fvourite space I can see why! She just soaks up and re-oozes all that glorious Qld sunshine!

    1. It’s wonderful when someone we’ve meet online turns out to be as beautiful in real life xx

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