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My Favourite Space-with Lauren Dubois from The Thud

My Favourite Space-with Lauren Dubois from The Thud

Todays guest post has me squealing with excitement! I am thrilled to be sharing the stunning kitchen belonging to Laruen from The Thud. Lauren has a blog that really should become a handbook for new Mum’s, with such honest articles as How Babies Are Made oh and the gritty What to Expect When You’re a New Mum-Basket Case Edition and Motherhood Cult Claims One More I could go on and on with all Lauren’s fabulous posts, but for now why don’t you read all about her stunning kitchen…..


Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Lauren and I’m a journalist and a writer. I started up my blog The Thud late last year as a battle cry against all those perfect mummy blogs that portray this #blessed life which is totally boring and unachievable. I’m on a mission to let other parents know that nobody is perfect and that’s totally ok – as long as you can have a laugh at yourself along the way.

I’m a born and raised Sydneysider but I’ve been living in Canberra for five years with my husband and my cat. Two years ago I became a mum to the world’s most insanely adorable child who I’ve nicknamed Thud. He’s a little hurricane and I love him to bits.


Tell us about your favourite space?

We moved into our house about 18 months ago after a very stressful two years of building (I’ll NEVER do it again).

My favourite space is my kitchen. I had VERY set ideas about how I wanted it all to look and it’s exactly how I imagined. I love everything about it.



What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?

This is my dream kitchen. It’s like my Pinterest kitchen board come to life.

I had to fight the builders every step of the way to create the kitchen I wanted. I made so many changes to the original plan and they were pretty annoyed with me, but I can honestly say I was right about every choice I made. Why does anyone argue with me!?


I also love it because it’s the most finished part of our house. Our house is a work in progress (aren’t they all?) but there isn’t really anything left to do in the kitchen (although I think I’m going to add a skylight. What do you think?)


What are your favourite items in this space?

My sink. The large porcelain sink that I was ridiculed for. The builders made it really difficult for me because they didn’t want the responsibility of breaking it (because we supplied it ourselves) but I persisted and I’m so glad I did. It’s special and everyone comments on it when they see it. I definitely sets the tone for our kitchen.



My oven. It’s a metre wide. What more can I say?


My walk-in-pantry. The entire footprint of our house needed to be altered to make room for the pantry, but along with a walk in dressing room, it was a non-negotiable item on my list. I wanted a WIP where I could hide all the crap you don’t want on display and I feel totally spoilt that I got it.


To save money we did the fit-out ourselves (and when I say ‘ourselves’, I mean my husband) including the awesome red cedar bench top (which weighs a tonne) and the super deep drawers which store all our Tupperware and baking crap. Drawers are the best!


How does this space make you feel?

I was walking from our front room (which was labeled ‘theatre’ on the house plans) to the pantry the other night and called out to my husband “the walk in pantry is too far from the theatre!” And we both cracked up at how ridiculous and spoilt that sounded. Like we are fancy rich people or something. My kitchen makes me feel fancy.


The kitchen is massive and I’m really proud of how it turned out. Now all it needs is a skylight and it’ll be perfect.


Now that my friends, is a kitchen! What a beautiful, thoughtful space, a cooks dream! A walk in pantry is top of the list for my new kitchen as well. It saddens me that building can become such a difficult process, I am a true believer in communication being the key to success, such a simple tool underused by so many builders. I hope if Lauren and her family ever have the opportunity to build or renovate again, it is a more pleasant experience.

Lauren has many talents, including one I’ve only just found and am super keen to share, Lauren has an amazing Etsy store, Rocket and Floss. Rocket and Floss is filled to the brim with the most delightful watercolour art, pom pom garlands and story book bunting for your babies nursery.

If you’ve enjoyed reading about Lauren and her beautiful kitchen, be sure to stop by and say hi via, Blog Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter or Etsy

Today I am linking up with With Some Grace for FYBF.

Nicole xxx

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  1. I love that tiled splash back and the chalkboard on the walk in pantry door. Really lovely kitchen, Lauren. I’ll be sure to show my husband when he gets home tonight. He’s obsessed with kitchen designs ?

    1. Mine too Renee! xx

    2. Thanks Renee! I’m so happy with my kitchen and glad it all worked out exactly like I planned. And it works too. Lots of storage, the layout is nice and spacious…. ooh, I’d be jealous if it wasn’t my own!

      And that chalkboard is a great distracter for my little boy. He loves to draw on it.

  2. Lauren’s and her kitchen match! They’re both stunning! I kind of wish I hadn’t read this post, because now I am gripped by KE (Kitchen Envy, that’s a thing!) That really is the kitchen of my dreams and don’t get me started on the WIP! So much swoon! (And it’s so clean and tidy!) There’s another thing to add to my list entitled “Things I love about Lauren”! xx

    1. Right so I am totally up there with you on the KE thing, perhaps we could start Kitchen Envy Anonymous? xx

    2. Oh Sammie you’re a cutie. But I promise you this is the cleanest it has looked for a long time. It RARELY looks like this.

  3. It’s 7:36 am and I’ve only half finished my coffee and I’m already sick. Sick with kitchen envy. As a renter, I am on to my second bright yellow kitchen. It’s large and has plenty of cupboards but it’s nothing on this! Lovely!

    1. It’s a ripper isn’t it! xx

    2. Thanks Amy! This is our first home after 10 years of renting, so I knew EVERYTHING I didn’t want in a kitchen. It’s rare to find a rental with a great kitchen.

  4. What a gorgeous kitchen Lauren! I love the tile splash back. I’d be interested to see how the white ceramic sink lasts over time. That’s not a criticism but something I’d genuinely like to know because our stainless sink can get really cruddy after a while and I would imagine this would stick out on a ceramic sink? Apart from that it’s a gorgeous space and kitchens are now becoming the family hub of the home.

    1. It’s my intention to have one in my kitchen too Bec, so I would love to hear how they wear. xx

    2. Thanks Bec! The sink is fantastic. I have no complaints. It doesn’t show up all the crud and water spots that stainless steel sinks show. The only thing is that if you bang it really hard with something metal like a big pot, it can leave a grey mark, but you can usually buff it out pretty easily. It’s actually really easy to clean because it’s just like cleaning your ceramic plates and bowls. Bit of detergent and a wipe down and it’s all good. It always looks clean.

      You won’t regret getting one Nicole!

  5. What a beautiful, light kitchen. I’m loving those subway tiles too. x

    1. I’m a big fan of subway tiles myself Vanessa, so classic and timeless x

  6. Oh I love that pantry…in fact i love the whole kitchen!!!

    1. How I dream of a walk in pantry to hide all my stuff!! xx

  7. What a divine space. I LOVE all the light!
    I completely agree with Lauren – if that were my kitchen it would be my favourite space too! xx

    1. The light is just divine isn’t it. I hope to be able to alter the position of my kitchen so I can make the most of the natural light, it makes such a big difference. xx

  8. What a gorgeous home! I have kitchen-envy! I downsized when I made a seachange nearly 3 years ago and have a small apartment. My kitchen is TINY!

  9. What’s beautiful light-filled kitchen. I love it! That walk in pantry is awesome!

  10. Wow what a gorgeous kitchen Lauren has! It would make me feel fancy too! I would like to get my kitchen made over but hubby won with getting solar panels first *sigh*! Good things come to those who wait, right?

  11. Always room for a skylight. I would love one too. Stunning space Lauren. That sink was worth the drama and I love those tiles too!

    1. Thanks Karin! I think the skylight is coming really soon. It can get pretty dark in the kitchen in the mornings because it’s at the back of our house. I think a skylight would really finish it off.

  12. Thanks so much for having me Nicole and for letting me share my kitchen. It’s so cool to see it all featured here. Extra fancy ?


  13. I love love love the lights… Just makes the room very homely

    1. They really make the space don’t they xx

  14. Ohh lovely Lauren has the loveliest kitchen! I’ll be sure to think of you and your WIP as I search for yet another lost tuppaware lid amongst the chaos that is my kitchen!
    Agree… a sky light would be a perfect addition. Thanks for sharing Nicole! xx

    1. You are most welcome Shannon, and I’m with you, there must be a secret tuppaware lid gang somewhere, and they’re having a great party without us. xx

  15. Lauren I love your sink. Total sink envy

    1. It’s a ripper Michelle, I love it too xx

  16. Ooh, also riddled with KE over here! I built my ‘almost’ dream kitchen in the house we bought which is a very similar style to this (half the size, mind you, with no WIP and only a single butler’s sink). But we outgrew that house and I now have a rather old and poky kitchen that does my head in. I can see why Thud likes lying all over your benchtops, Lauren, I would probably do the same if I was there! (Possibly ruining any chance of ever getting an invitation…)

    1. Hey Zoe, I’m recruiting for our new chapter of KE Anonymous, would you like to join? I think lying all over benches at friends houses is totally a thing, right? xx

  17. Love it…too old for kitchen envy….but it is my perfect kitchen…..
    I watch a lot of English house shows….and ceramic sinks are very popular…so I would guess they do work well…

    1. I love English shows, especially Escape to The Country, and really love the ceramic sinks too. xx

  18. We started our blogs for the same reason, I was just a few years earlier! I have mega kitchen envy and the next time we build, yes I know I’m crazy wanting to do it again, I WILL get my way with so many things. I think I want to move in to your WIP ?

    1. Would you like to join our chapter of KE Anonymous? (Kitchen Envy Anonymous) I’m recruiting xx

  19. I’ve spied a glimpse of Laurens Kitchen on her blog before – but those photos show just how gorgeous it is!!! I love everything about it. Especially that walk in pantry – its a non-negoitable on my house plans as well. And yes – go the for the sky light.

    1. I agree, defiant yes for the skylight! xx

  20. So great to have a peek into Lauren’s gorgeous kitchen. I love the WIP and all the light and I love the photo of Thud lying over the bench! I had to have a fight with our builders too about a window that they didn’t want to put I and I did, in the end they agreed that it made a big difference! When we move we have to do another kitchen reno and my prerequisites are a WIP and I’ve always had a longing for one of those sinks. Great post ladies!

    1. It’s such a shame to hear so many difficult building or renovating stories. I hope you have a better experience next time. I am so having a WIP though hubby has no idea yet where he’s going to put it. I just don’t want to have another kitchen without one. I seriously need somewhere to hide the mess of 5 children xx

  21. That’s also my dream kitchen!!! It s so bright and welcoming and practical. I need more drawers to put my baking stuff of course!!! xx cathy

    1. Oh I love it too Cathy, so bright and airy. xx

  22. Absolutely stunning kitchen, Lauren! Make that 18 months of headaches worth it, right? I’m glad you persisted with the porcelain sink. It certainly does set the tone of the entire kitchen.

    1. The sink is a killer, love it! xx

  23. I absolutely adore everything about this. It’s gorgeous, all of it. I literally want to get down and lick those floors, and that’s not weird at all.

    1. Not at all!

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