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My Favourite Space with Kylie Bock

My Favourite Space with Kylie Bock

I’m excited to share this week’s My Favourite Space from Kylie Bock. I first discovered Kylie on Instagram where I fell in love with her decorating style, and admire that she is styling her home on a budget. Her stunning home is about to be featured in a magazine next month. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her share on My Favourite Space!

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Kylie Bock and at present I’m a stay at home Mum to two beautiful children, Mason (3) and Mikayla (5). I’ve got one more year at home before I really should consider heading back to the workforce. But boy is that scary after being home for five years.
I live with my husband, kids and our spoodle, Gypsy-Rose, in an old Queenslander located in Wynnum, Brisbane. We have been renovating our home for five years now…it’s a Queenslander! You’re forever renovating when you own a Queenslander. Our home is being featured in the October issue of Homes+ magazine and I’m super excited to see how it turns out.

Inspired Space
I have always had a passion for interior styling. I think I got it from my Grandmother. I remember that every time we went to visit them I would walk through every room in their home (which was a pretty big home on 40 acres just outside Canberra) and see what was new or changed around. She loved to bring furniture back to life and was also super clever behind a sewing machine!!! There was also something new to look at, and that trait has definitely been passed down to me. My family went to Bunnings for a quick 10 minute trip the other day and by the time they returned I had swapped rugs around in two rooms and redressed my new favourite side board (that I had just finished bringing back to life). I had already styled the room once before, but hey, it needed more!

I would love to find employment where I can be creative. My previous life was in Project Management but I’m after so much more this time round. Only time will tell.

Tell us about your favourite space?

My favourite space is our Master Bedroom. The first thing you see when you walk into our room are the white louvers on the windows overlooking our backyard…I just love them. I love to be able to adjust the amount of light that comes into the room and they’re also very bright and inviting. Our bed also faces the window and we have a glimpse of the bay when we sit up. I sanded back our old tall boy and matching side tables and painted them a light cream colour (hog bristle ¼ strength) and replaced the handles. Everything in the room is bright and homely.


Inspired Space

What are your favourite items in this space?

I love my new Xavier Chair that I got for my birthday this year. It’s super comfy but it’s also the only part of the bedroom you can see from the outside so it’s very stylish as well.

I often lay in bed and look at the photos I have on our wall. It’s definitely a tribute to our little happy family with pregnant photos, baby photos and wedding photos all displayed.

I also love my doona cover that I got from Pottery Barn this year. My hubby, like most hubbies, isn’t a fan of lots of cushions on the bed so to compensate for this, instead of putting the matching pillowcases to the doona on, I bought some contrasting pillows that add a bit of punch to the otherwise pretty bare bed.



A huge tip that I’d love to offer is when dressing your bed, try and go a size up on the doona. I have a king size doona and cover on my Queen bed and also a double on my son’s king single bed and it’s so much more practical, it hangs that little bit nicer because it has a little bit of length to it, especially if you have a high mattress like most people do these days. Also stops the quarrel about the stolen blanket during the night, which is clearly always hubby and never myself!!


How does this space make you feel?

I often say to my hubby when I walk into our room how much I love it. The minute I walk in I feel really calm and peaceful. If there’s any a room that should be layered and luxurious it should definitely be your bedroom.

Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous bedroom with us Kylie. What a divine space to retire to at the end of the day. Be sure to check out Kylie on Instagram for some more images of her lovely home and decorating style.

Do you have a favourite space you’d like to share? What tips or inspiration did your Grandmother pass on to you?

Nicole xxx




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  1. How cozy and welcoming.

    1. I agree! Looks lovely. x

  2. No tips for houses from my Grandmothers. But my Nanna did carpet sweep everyday. Her house was very humble but she kept it as clean as possible because she was so damn proud of that humble abode. I guess that’s a tip!

    1. Carpet Sweepers!! I forgot they were even a thing! I loved them, so practical and less noisy. Feeling proud is the most important tip of all. xx

  3. Wow! What a sanctuary. That room is gorgeous. I especially love that chair. Beautifully styled.

    1. I agree, Kylie has created a gorgeous space for her family. xx

  4. Wow, what a stunning room!! I love the furniture, and that wall paper is divine!!! I’d read for days in that room!! ?

  5. What a gorgeous room. No wonder she loves it! It wouldn’t suit me or mine, but I’ve got a big smile on my face while looking at the pics. I feel like I know her. Thanks for sharing!

  6. /what a gorgeous room! I love the photo display! And what a good idea buying a bigger size doona is!

  7. That was such a lovely post to read and view the ways in which this house has been ‘made up.’ I am not so much a decorator but I know how I like things to look. When we had no budget and a pretty ordinary place to showcase to sell my very handy hub did a magic job with paint work, and added smart blinds to the sunniest/hot windows, re-did the kitchen and outside…over almost 2 years. Me? I downsized and culled soooo much and added cushions as per Shaynna Blaze’s advice to me “you can never have too many cushions”. House sold same day it went on the market. I take full credit!!

  8. What a beautiful room! I love that wallpaper and what a great tip about the doona! Just genius!

  9. Absolutely stunning! I love the wallpaper and the lighting. Gorgeous!

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