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My Favourite Space with Kim Gleason

My Favourite Space with Kim Gleason

We have a first this week on My Favourite Space! We aren’t sharing just one room, but three! Kim couldn’t pick her favourite room (I can see why!), so has been generous enough to share three beautiful rooms from her gorgeous place in Sydney. Kim is in the industry of helping people decorating their homes and has her own business Kim Gleason Interiors, so it’s little wonder she has created such a beautiful and alluring space. Enjoy!

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Kim and I am married to Sean and have five beautiful daughters! Olivia 12, Isabella 10, twins Annalise and Gabrielle 7 and baby Evelyn 10 months. I have my own business, “Kim Gleason Interiors” and I love helping people decorating their homes.

Tell us about your favourite space?

I have a few! But most of all I love my bedroom. It’s a nice big space, I have cabinet filled with linen and bags!


My Favourite Space

I love to display my favourite things in this cabinet. I must confess I have TV in my bedroom and I love to tuck up in bed and watch my favourite TV shows of an evening.

My Favourite Space

My Favourite Space

I also love our family room, we installed a window seat I wish more homes had window seats! They are so nice and they create such a warm and relaxed atmosphere, when I have the opportunity I love just relaxing on it.

Another room space I love in our house is my “good room” it was inspired by a restaurant I went to whilst on holiday in Bali. I love to have coffee in there most mornings and I also have a really cool bar cabinet and love to crack a bottle of champagne on the odd occasion!

My Favourite Space

My Favourite Room

Thank you Kim! I am in love with your house and decorating style, and am totally envious of your ”good room! If you would like to see more of Kim’s gorgeous work, you can check out her Instagram or Facebook page.

Do you have a favourite room or rooms in your house? What do you love most about them? Do you have a special “good room”?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Hello good room, complete with bar and champagne! Now that’s my kind of style! Kim has impeccable taste. I love all of the rooms and how tidy they are. All I can say is, thank goodness my wardrobe has doors, although if I had an open closet like Kim, maybe it would make me tidier? ?

    1. Yes I am with you, my wardrobe is far, far too messy for it to be open, though Kim’s is amazing! I can really see you and I in that good room with a bottle of sparkles ?

  2. Oh god, those couches are amazing!!

    1. I love them too! Amazing space xx

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