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My Favourite Space with Kim from Land of Zonkt

My Favourite Space with Kim from Land of Zonkt

ProBlogger in August, gave me the opportunity to meet many new people. Just before the event, I contacted my good friend Sammie, to offer her a lift from the airport to the venue, I asked if anyone else was traveling with her, as I had a big car, and plenty of room for some extras. This is how I met the wonderful Kim, as bold, bright and beautiful in life as online.

I’ve since had a ball (and a full tummy) exploring her blog Land of Zonkt which has lead me to such yumminess as Tandoori Rice Salad and Healthy School Holiday Snacks, but Kim is not just a blogger, she is the creator of Zonkt Designs and her one of a kind Mini Masterpieces. When not sharing yummy recipes on her blog, Kim is a lover of DIY projects.


Tell us a little about yourself?
A bit of a foodie & a lover of all things creative. I’m a mum of 2 kids, 2 poodles & wife to a fitness-mad hubby. I’m creator of Zonkt Designs & my one-of-a-kind Mini-Masterpieces. Children’s art transformed into collated art designs.
I write a blog called Land of Zonkt, as space I share my love of food and creative DIY’s alike.
My favourite thing to do is anything that allows me to be creative whether it’s something designed on the computer or repurpose and old cabinet. I love it all!

Tell us about your favourite space?
The space I am sharing today is my main living space, its an open planned space making up my Living, Dining and Kitchen. One big bright eclectic space. Filled with quite a few of my favourite things…








What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?
So many reasons. One is that it’s pretty much a showcase of me. I love to create and this space shows off a few of my handy works… Repurpose Retro Cabinet, My massive DIY Shower Curtain Art and my rug made out of bath mats.
It also merges my love of food, my white and bright kitchen.




What are your favourite items in this space?
I love so many things… my lounge one of the BEST investments ever made, its from Plush and I LOVE it. So much room and it is beyond comfortable. I can plop my self there after the kids are put to bed, feet up on my ottoman with a cuppa in hand.




I also can’t go past my dinning room. This was quite a boring corner and with having a deep grey on the apposing space I couldn’t over decorate without it looking cluttered or poky. So instead of lots of things I went for one BIG thing!
My 160x160cm DIY artwork. This I made myself and was created in 2hr, from non other than a shower curtain. It has to be one of the best things I’ve made and still now I get a lot of people just amazed by it when they see it.
It’s also probably familiar to those who have seen my Salad videos, it provides a nice and vibrant backdrop.


In front of my massive DIY artwork is my dinning table made from reclaimed shipping palettes. This is one I didn’t make, I left that to the pro’s at Super Amart. But I chose this dinning table because it had bench seats. I wanted to simplify the lines and again make it appear less cluttered and its worked a treat.


How does this space make you feel?
It is very hard to walk into this room and not be uplifted by it’s bright and vibrant appearance. I love that a lot have been done on a pretty tight budget and it still has an eclectic feel that doesn’t appear cheap or tacky. Well to me anyway.

You’ve nailed it Kim, warm, genuine, eclectic a great space that matches your personality. Like to know a little more about Kim? Head to her Blog, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages to find out more. Oh and don’t forget to stop by her shop for more information on her Zonkt Designs and Mini Masterpieces.

How about that shower curtain art work? Is that something you could see yourself doing for your own home? How would you describe Kim’s space?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Oh my gosh, i am so in love with your dining table!! It is stunning!

    1. Thanks Kat, I’m not going to lie I LOVE it too.
      It took me a LONG time to convince hubby to buy a new one our 15yr old eight seater was just not cutting it and with all the legs and edges a pain to clean around.

      Something simple clean and in all honesty a little less formal, where the kids can pile on and sit and eat, read do homework was needed.

      I wanted bench seats and it took us a year to find something I was happy with.

      This is perfect and everyone piles on it now and even gets, just sit at the bench and chat, they wouldn’t ever pull out the previous chairs to sit there. Odd hey.

      Here is a link to the dinning table if you want to see… http://www.superamart.com.au/vintage-52400/

    2. Me too Kat, it’s a great family space xx

  2. Love love LOVE this space! I’ve shared Kim’s shower curtain art on my Facebook page and I got so many fab comments! Kim you have a beautiful spac! Thank you for sharing! X

    1. Oh thanks so much Bec, you are to kind indeed.
      I’m so sorry I don’t think I saw you share that, thank you!

      I get so many comments from it. I had another interior blogger share my Shower Curtain art earlier in the year and I still get tread from there page. I’ve made 4-5 since for friends and family and it always gets so much attention.

      It really is an easy way to get massive impact for minimum effort or expense.

    2. It’s very cool isn’t Bec, so much like Kim xx

  3. Oh I love your space Kim, just how I imagined it would be. Gorgeous!
    I might need some lessons on that oven, we have a new one like that and it looks so scary to use.
    Dining table, also gorgeous!
    I would describe Kims space as…
    awesome, just like that skirt!
    Happy weekend lovely ladies x

    1. You are just beautiful my dear. xx
      Seriously working the oven thats easy… cleaning it. That is another story! lol

    2. There is so much Kim in this space, I love how it reflects her personality! Hope your weekend is lovely Sarah. xx

  4. That lounge looks so comfortable. One you just HAVE to lay down on.

    1. Oh you are spot on Karin, it is seriously SOOOOO comfy.
      I brought it specifically because it was deep. If I have a lounge I want to be able to curl up onto it feet and all.

      My father in law has a tendency to fall asleep on it often. lol

    2. I agree! xx

  5. Oh you are just to kind Nicole.
    I think it’s amazing that one you even offered to give me a lift at the airport at all. But then to do so in style with full chauffeur service! You are a class act my dear.

    Thank you so much for having me on your blog and sharing my space. I had so much trouble choosing as although my home is not huge there are lots of nooks and crannies I love. My kids rooms as well as my office space. But this room is probably the biggest version of me. So I thought it’d work best…
    Now to focus on the outside… well the front anyway, is so blah.
    Clearly this was always hubbies domain… he’s no designer. lol

    1. Thank you Kim, I am so very pleased to have met you. It was truly my pleasure to be able to pick you up, I should say a big thank you for nursing my hangover on Saturday morning ?
      I love the way this space reflects so much of your personality, it just feels like your home the second you look at the pictures. How wonderful that you love so much of your home, that is exactly the way it should be xxx

  6. I love the way the space reflects Kim’s personality too and the fact that it contains so many of her creations. I am a huge fan of the shower curtain – it’s totally awesome!

    1. Me too Sammie! xx

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