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My Favourite Space with Kathy from Yinyang Mother

My Favourite Space with Kathy from Yinyang Mother

Have you ever spent hours on the internet looking for ways to find some balance in your life? Well, that was me a few weeks ago. I was so lucky to come across Kathy’s blog Yinyang Mother.

Kathy has an inspirational story about infertility and adopting her gorgeous children from China that she shares on her blog. Yinyang Mother is all about finding the balance in our lives. Kathy is a yoga teacher and enjoys meditation, not only for herself but for kids too. Kathy has a series of kids meditation videos available on her blog, but don’t worry, us adults don’t miss out, Kathy has thoughtfully provided meditation for adults as well.

I am pleased to be able to share Kathy’s favourite space today, and what a peaceful room it is.

head shot vintage denim_edited-2
Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a wife and Mum of two kids (our daughter 12 and son 5) who we adopted from China. It was a long process after a long journey of infertility and we feel very lucky now. I’m a journalist by profession and now work in digital strategy and content creation for City of Gold Coast – we have a city-reputation building website that is basically an on-line news magazine for the city (More Gold Coast) and I also work on other city reputation marketing projects. I work 4 days a week, 3 in the office and one from home so I’m trying for the best work-life balance I can manage (and hubby, a firefighter, helps a lot with that). I also blog about finding balance and finding your flow on my blog Yinyangmother. I trained as a yoga teacher last year and teach a couple of classes a week and practice as often as I can. I dabble in making kids meditation videos and freelance contributions for yoga and wellness websites. That’s mostly about what I do – I also like to just BE a human being – meditating when I’m good and relaxing with a wine (or too many) when I’m not so good! I think we all need to create stillness and space in our lives – and places that provide a sense of sanctuary are really important to counter the busyness.

Tell us about your favourite space?
My favourite space is our bedroom/my office/reading corner/meditation/yoga space. Basically it is a double room so it is a big space for all those things. Our bed is down one end adjacent to our ensuite and we recently put in new IKEA robes and I love them – almost as good as a walk-in robe. At the end of the room is this beautiful snowy scene wallpaper mural which we look down towards from our bed. My desk is on one side, and then by the bay window is a reading spot and space for yoga.

bedroom 6a


bedroom 1a

What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?
I love that it feels like a sanctuary now – it hasn’t always. We had old stained carpet and daggy blinds originally and I worked from home when our daughter was young so the office space wasn’t exactly calming. Our daughter was often at my feet with toys strewn all over the place and when we adopted our son years later he also turned it into a play area. Both kids have slept on mattresses on the floor as well over the years. Gradually I’ve transformed the space – new carpet, and then later we did the mural and I got a new simple glass desk (as we’d built a separate office/tv room in the house by this stage so I try to file things away there). Then I created the reading space and most recently we put in the new robes, blinds, pendant lights, re-stained our timber bed and bedside tables, got rid of a big old (inherited) timber cabinet and replaced it with a sleek mirrored console and added the finishing touches. The kids are 12 and 5 now so I’m hoping it can mostly stay as a sanctuary space rather than a permanent mess!

bedroom 11a

What are your favourite items in this space?
I love the mural – it reminds us of Canada where we lived for 12 months in 2011. I love the world globe lamp on my desk and often spin it around and imagine the places where my finger falls on. I love the Icelandic sheepskin rug – it feels very indulgent. Part of me feels very bad for the poor sheep, but as I sit on the rug each morning to meditate, I just feel really grateful for that sheep and for all the gifts of nature. I also like my little yoga ‘shrine’ in the corner.

bedroom 10a


bedroom 3a


bedroom 9a
How does this space make you feel?
I feel really calm and make an effort to keep it tidy and clutter-free to keep that serenity. For a long time I got out of the habit of making my bed as there always seemed to be clothes, toys, paperwork and general mess creating clutter – I feel so much more in control with my bed made and things tidy. I’m back enjoying reading at night again too and I feel settled when I meditate and do some yoga stretches in the morning.


Thank you Kathy, I am in love with your globe lamp! When I first approached Kathy about sharing her favourite space, we spoke about her deck being a close second favourite space. I was really touched when Kathy shared a picture of her nearly completed deck with me and I wanted to show you as well. It’s just so peaceful.

back decka

I can just imagine sitting out there with a wine in hand, bliss ?

If you are looking for help with a little balance in your life, take a bit of time to explore Kathy’s Blog, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. If a bit of meditation would help you or your children, have a look at Kathy’s You Tube page.

How do you like the mural on Kathy’s wall? If you were to put a mural of somewhere you have traveled on you wall, which destination would you choose?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Thank you so much Nicole for saying so many lovely things and for sharing my space – I feel very lucky.

    1. Thank you for joining in, we feel lucky you did xx

  2. What a gorgeous room Kathy! I love that mural – so peaceful and relaxing and the reading chair – LOVE it! That deck I’ve already commented on but wow – such a gorgeous outlook! Thanks for sharing Kathy’s favourite space with us Nicole! ?

    1. The pleasure was mine Min, thank YOU for dropping by xxx

    2. Thanks Min – it really does feel peaceful now, so hopefully I can keep that sense of calm amidst the busy/stress. And we will have to do drinks on the deck Min and Nicole.

  3. That wall paper is captivating, I would love laying in bed and staring at that, getting lost in it. The sheepskin is beautiful, I have never seen anything like it and I too would see it as a gift – I like that way of thinking! Lovely sanctuary Kathy x

    1. It’s amazing isn’t it. xx

    2. I fell in love with both the wallpaper (we put it up about 18 moths ago) and I think the sheepskin really feels like it belongs with the snowy scene. Funny how the snowy scene actually makes me feel cooler in summer too.

  4. Wow! That wall paper is amazing! I love this Kathy, what a peaceful space.

    1. It looks like such a peaceful place to rest xxx

    2. Thanks Haidee – I love the way it captures the light in the snowy forest.

  5. Oh wow, what a truly gorgeous room that is, Kathy. I am in love with the lamp, the light, the wallpaper, your dressing table. It must feel great to meditate and create in there.

    1. It looks so far away from the rest of the world xx

    2. Thanks Dani – It definitely helps to restrict clutter I reckon when it comes to creativity so the aim is to keep it feeling serene.

  6. Oh Kathy, I’ve very jealous of your deck. That looks like a beautiful spot for yoga, too – or just sitting! Your winter wall mural is really unusual but I love the idea of looking into that view from bed. It all looks stylish and serene. Thanks for sharing ?

    1. Wouldn’t it be serene out on that deck in the cool of the morning! xx

    2. Thanks Lara – definitely will be doing yoga on the deck (hubby just did the last coat of sealer yesterday). So one day you will have to come to the Gold Coast for yoga or drinks by the lake (or why not both)!

  7. Your room looks so peaceful and relaxing. We need to really overhaul our bedroom to make it more like a sanctuary – love your look and the versatility of your space Kathy!

    1. We are really lucky to have the double space Kirsty – some say should shouldn’t do work in your bedroom (bad feng shui) but I feel the spaces are distinct so it feels good.

    2. We have recently done similar and I haven’t regretted it for a moment. Love my space xx

  8. I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy at ProBlogger a couple of months ago – isn’t she lovely? I would love this space if it was in my house too. The mural is my favourite – what a stunning feature. I think I need a double room bedroom in my life! Thanks for sharing another super space x

    1. Thank you Sammie – that is so sweet. The mural is my favourite too and it does hlep to have a double space to appreciate it. X

    2. It’s huge isn’t it! I love it all, so relaxing xx

  9. Gosh I have envy of that room and that pier! What a gorgeous space you have made for yourself Kathy. And Nic, I am working on my fav space, it’s actually a work in progress and is going to be outside my house, I hope! xx

    1. Thanks Em – it does feel good that even when the rest of the house is a mess I can now retreat. And drinks on our back deck I promise soon.

    2. Yay, will be wonderful to have you along xx

  10. Oh what a beautiful space! That bedroom, wow-weeee! Loving the armchair. That colour and the style are perfection. Makes me think maybe I need to get something not in black for my lounge…. Hmmmm.

    1. Love when a space makes you think xx

  11. I love your space Kathy! It is so you and very functional for you with yoga and meditating. And that deck!! Id love to sit out there on an afternoon too!

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