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My Favourite Space with Imogen Lamport

My Favourite Space with Imogen Lamport

It’s that time of the week, where I get to play snoop and share a favourite space of another. I am always intrigued to see what style of space my guests are prepared to share. Today we are joined by Imogen Lamport. Imogen is a personal stylist and the blogger behind Inside Out Style.

Inside Out Style is an informative blog filled to the brim with tips and tricks like What to Wear, Discover Your Colour and great Weekend Reading options.

Welcome Imogen!

IMG_0568 (550x690)


Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a Melbourne based personal stylist and the blogger behind Inside Out Style. My mission in life is to demystify style so that every woman can look and feel great every day. I’m the mother of 2 kids, stepmother to 2 kids and owner of one slightly crazy but beautiful whippet. I love champagne, cashmere and chocolate, in no particular order.

Tell us about your favourite space?

My home office is my favourite space. I spend 40 plus hours a week in it and I think it’s important to enjoy being in your work-space as you spend so much time there.

It’s a large room with a cathedral ceiling and two 6 metre walls of floor to ceiling windows, so it has beautiful light. I use it for seeing clients, training personal stylists and of course blogging which has taken over my life!

Inside Out Style HQ

What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?

I love the feel of the room. It’s spacious and light. I’ve lined one wall with bookcases which hold everything from my library of image related titles to items my kids have made at school (such as these bookends and clay sculpture) as well as my old hat blocks from my millinery days to my favourite pair of Julian Hakes Mojito shoes (Julian Hakes is an English Architect who designed these amazing sculptural shoes, and yes I do wear them and they are no less comfortable than any high heel!).

IMG_1397 (690x460)

IMG_1390 (690x460)

  What are your favourite items in this space?

I have my favourite Arne Jacobson chair and Arco lamp where I sit and read or make videos that go on my blog.

Arne Jacobson chair

How does this space make you feel?

I feel inspired when I walk up the stairs into my office.

Julian Hakes shoes

It’s easy to spend time in so I’m motivated to work and create (I love creating new ideas, programs and tools).

How about those shoes, and that chair! What an amazing space. If you would like see more of Imogen and what she does, you can find her Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

What are you favourite brand of shoes? Got a special space you get to call your own?

Nicole xxx


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  1. If I had an office like that, I don’t think I’d ever leave it! What a beautiful place to work! The chair is swoonsome and as for those shoes, they’re pretty spectacular, aren’t they? The light in that room is just wonderful! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thanks so much Sammie – I love it so much too (as far as I’m concerned it’s the best room in the house!)

    2. Oh and by the way the shoes are amazing!

  2. What a great office space! And those shoes are amazing! I don’t think I could wear them. Off to check out Imogen’s blog now. ?

    1. Thanks Bec – the shoes are actually pretty comfortable for a heel. They are architecturally designed and have padding through them so they fit well onto your foot and have give in them too.

  3. Those shoes…
    I love that chair and those butterflies that make a few appearances. Gorgeous colours.
    I’m off to check out Imogen’s blog now too. x

    1. Hey Sarah – thanks so much. Love a butterfly and how it represents metamorphosis which is something I love to think about my blog readers doing as they discover and expand their style. The chair is super comfy too!

  4. Thanks for sharing my space with your readers!

    Im x

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