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My Favourite Space with Hannah Puechmarin

My Favourite Space with Hannah Puechmarin

I’m excited to share Hannah’s sunroom on My Favourite Space today.  Hannah is a photographer whom I first encountered on Instagram, and instantly fell in love with her work.  I’m sure you’ll agree this room is just gorgeous, with it’s leadlight windows and green leafy views.  Enjoy.

Tell us a little about yourself?

25 year old photographer living in an old Queenslander style home in Brisbane. I love to photograph interiors, lifestyle and food. And in my downtime I love to cook, hang out at home with my husband and dog or to spend the weekend on a road trip.

My Favourite Space

Tell us about your favourite space?

My favourite space is a little enclosed veranda sunroom that acts as the entry room to my house.

My Favourite Space


What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?

My favourite thing about this space is that it has beautiful windows, and if you open them up, all the beautiful breeze, bird song and light comes streaming through. It also looks into the branches of the trees outside – so sometimes it is like I am having afternoon tea with the birds!

My Favourite Space
My Favourite Space

What are your favourite items in this space?

I love my Amazon lily (eucharis grandiflora) as it has been my plant for so many years now and I have managed to keep it alive! It was given to my parents by an elderly man who lived in the house next door when I was young, so it is a little bit special!  I also love my cane furniture, and the whole look of the room really just came together very naturally.

My Favourite Space
My Favourite Space

How does this space make you feel?

It is a very calming room because is a space that I use when I am truly just relaxing with a magazine and cup of tea and not doing anything else.

My Favourite Space
My Favourite Space

If you’d like to know more about Hannah, you can find her on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, or check out her Website.

What indoor plants do you have?
Do you have a favourite space, either indoors our out that you’d like to share?
I’d love to hear from you…

Nicole xx


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