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My Favourite Space With Eva Lewis from The Multitasking Mummy

My Favourite Space With Eva Lewis from The Multitasking Mummy

Sitting at the hairdresser one Friday, I was talking about what I do all day, namely blogging. The hairdresser happened to mention that she had a client who was also a blogger. It took a further 30 minutes for the hairdresser to remember the name of the blog, because we all know, we are known by our blog names first. I simply could not believe it when the blogger was Eva, The Multitasking Mummy. This began the dance of knowing, and trying to find a way to say “Hey, we’re neighbours” with out sounding stalkerish.

I am wonderfully pleased to be able to say, Eva had also figured out we were neighbours and initiated that first contact with a Facebook message to say, “Hi, I don’t mean to sound crazy, but I think I’m your neighbour”. I’ve since met Eva, and am happy to say a lovely warm friendship has grown very quickly. She is indeed a Multitasking Mummy, who blogs about Parenting, All about Mum, Kids, In The Home, Tips for Bloggers and Mental Health.

I am so pleased to have my good friend Eva sharing her favourite space.


Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Eva and I live in Ipswich, Queensland (just down the road from Nicole actually) in a workers cottage built around 1919 with my husband, 3.5 year old son, my chickens Gertie and Dottie and dog Billy. We moved here just over two years ago from a typical large brick home on a tiny allotment and I’ve never looked back. My home has so much character, the surrounding nature is abundant and it’s a huge source of my inspiration and a wonderful space to work from (I work from home) and to bring up my son. When I’m not busy on my blog I’m either busy as Digital Editor at Kids on the Coast and Kids in the City Magazines, pottering in my garden or lounging on my deck with a coffee and my favourite magazine.

Tell us about your favourite space?

My favourite space has only very recently become my favourite space – it’s my kitchen! My husband and I finally started the renovations on our home in April which included ripping out our drab old kitchen and putting in a new one. My new kitchen is the one I always wanted, the one I saw in magazines with little added features here and there. In our old house we built a kitchen that we could afford and so it was very basic. With this kitchen we were finally able to include all the features we wanted and made it more practical, learning from what didn’t work in our previous kitchens i.e. a pantry that pulls out so me, the short arse, can see every single shelf right to the back!

Eva Kitchen 1

It’s a gorgeous modern country style kitchen, it’s the first time I’ve ever had stone bench tops and the biggest oven I’ve ever owned too! I could bake something like 4 cakes at a time if I wanted to….but to be honest, I’m not that keen a baker, a huge roast sounds better. When we ripped the old kitchen out, it was on a completely opposite wall at the end of the house. The wall it was on has been ripped out and in it’s place is now a big timber framed triple stacker sliding door that opens out onto our new deck. The idea of our new kitchen is that it flows onto the dining area and then the dining area opens to our deck so it’s perfect for entertaining and focusing on the idea of taking the inside out.

Eva Kitchen 3

The only things left to finish it off is to polish the floorboards, install the kickboards and add a touch of paint to the architraves.

What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?

Apart from the fact that the kitchen is exactly the way we wanted it and turned out even better than we had imagined in our heads and on paper, the thing I love about this space is that it’s now the hub of our home. It’s where we sit around and chat about our day, it’s where I thoroughly enjoy cooking with my son while he sits on the other side of the bench eagerly awaiting his turn to hold the beater and it’s where we entertain our family.

Eva Kitchen 2

What are your favourite items in this space?

I think it might be slightly obvious that I love my huge oven but I also love our chalkboard wall. We used blackboard paint on this wall and apart from the shopping list, I like to write inspirational quotes on there to look at each day. But if you are to ask me what my very favourite item is, it would have to be the pressed metal splash backs. The inspiration of this wall came from our front lounge room which has all of the original pressed metal ceilings intact. We wanted to continue this feature into the kitchen. It is most certainly a WOW statement when you walk in. We were originally going to powder coat it white but put up a test panel and quickly changed our minds.

How does this space make you feel?

This space makes me feel all different kinds of emotions actually. It makes me feel proud about where we’ve come since buying the house, it also brings a sense of enjoyment when I cook, like it’s not a chore because I’m doing it in such a lovely space. It is a very light space because the sunlight flows in through the sliding doors in the morning and so I feel quite energised. I also feel a sense of connectedness and warmth when I’m able to just hang in the kitchen with my family, it’s where so many conversations seem to happen and I really love it.

I love this kitchen space, it has given me so many ideas for when we do our own extension. Eva’s kitchen looks as warm as her personality. To find out more about Eva please take some time to visit her Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

What do you like best about Eva’s kitchen? What do you think Eva would cook for us if we all turned up for dinner?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Well if we turned up for dinner, I would hope Eva would cook one of her delicious roasts, I’ll bring the cake and of course, the wine! What a gorgeous kitchen. I love the way it flows into the dining area and out onto the deck but I think my favourite things are the blackboard wall and that huge oven. That is the cooker of my dreams! Thanks for the sneak peek into the hub of Eva’s home x

    1. I would most definitely cook you a delicious roast and yes, please bring wine!

      The way it flows is how we always envisioned our kitchen/dining/entertaining area to be, we are really happy with it and can’t wait for everything to be totally finished! Ah renovations, they can tend to take a while! x

    2. It’s an awesome cooker! I agree. I’d like to add myself in on your roast dinner plans and offer to bring extra wine. xxx

      1. Sounds like a plan!

  2. Love your deck doors Eva and it really is a small world (at least for us Ipswich bloggers). What a lovely, tidy home you have ?

    1. Thanks Holly! Yes, a very small world out here! ?

    2. The doors are lovely aren’t they. Must organise a catch up xx

  3. I love the chalkboard wall and the pressed metal splashback. What a stunning kitchen!!

    1. Thanks Bec!

    2. The chalkboard wall is the best idea! x

  4. Just love your kitchen Eva, in the midst of planning mine right now. In fact had three friends here today, have them a scaled plan and told them they were having a competition to plan my kitchen, giggle.

    Q re your stone bench, is it an issue with children and breakages? and another Q re your sink is there a problem with water going under the lip? I like the look of these just wondering how practical.

    Think my absolute fav of your kitchen is the pressed wall.

    1. Hi Erin,

      Good luck with the kitchen plans!

      We haven’t encountered any breakages yet. As with the sink, no, no problems with water going under the lip as it’s all sealed and secure.

      How great are the pressed tin panels? They really make the kitchen and am so glad we left them as is instead of powder coating them white!

      1. Thanks, yes the SS look is far more effective than white. Love it!

    2. We’ve had caesar stone and now granite and had very little issues with breakages with the children. No more than usual anyway. The pressed wall is stunning. xx

  5. I love this kitchen so much! Because it’s so much like mine!!! Great taste we have Eva. Ours is a white modern kitchen with the very same pattern on our pressed tin. Check out blog post I did about it here http://www.youhadusathello.com/does-your-kitchen-need-a-makeover-here-are-4-places-to-start/ I’m very impressed with us both ? x

    1. That’s so cool Jo! I love your kitchen, and I agree, you both have fabulous taste!!xx

  6. Wow – love that pressed metal splash back! I love that her kitchen is her favourite room in the house {it is also my favourite space as I love creating memories through food}.

    1. They are the best memories! x

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