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My Favourite Space With Emily Hawker

My Favourite Space With Emily Hawker

Hooray, it’s back all fresh and new in 2016. My Favourite Space is finally making it’s comeback, ready to give you the low down on the favourite spaces of our friends. Let’s face it, I’m a sticky beak, in fact I’ve always been a sticky beak. Right back when I was just a little babe, 2 to be precise, when while sticky beaking through the bedroom window, at what was going on next door, the flyscreen broke and out I tumbled onto the concrete below, breaking my collar bone in the process. I’ve since been referred to as the Mrs Mangle of Woodend, but hey, I love to see how other people live. Obviously you like a looky too, or you wouldn’t be here ?

To get us started with a bang, we have the very lovely Emily Hawker from emhawkerblog sharing her kids play room. Em is all kinds of awesome, witty and wordy, she keeps me on my toes while I attempt not to overuse my apostrophes. Emily describes herself as…..I’m a stay-at-home mum, wife, daughter, reluctant housewife, writer, editor, blogger, serial winner of 25-words-or-less competitions, former marketeer, recovering chocoholic, wordsmith, pianist and geek.

An enthusiastic singer, an impartial emoji observer, a book reviewer and all round determined woman, Emily blogs about what is important to her, with a side of grammar.

My Favourite Space with Emily Hawker

My Favourite Space with Emily Hawker

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Emily! I’m a wordy nerdy mum of two who writes, proofreads, pianos, parents, wifes and grumbles about housework. Not usually in that order. I blog at emhawkerblog. (Did I mention that I’m really imaginative?)

Tell us about your favourite space?

My favourite space is actually my kids’ space. We renovated our house a few years ago, extending it back, under and over, and we made the first storey all about the kids. This kiddlywink play area is easily my favourite room in the house.

My Favourite Space With Emily Hawker

What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?

I love the size. I love the space. I love the storage. I love that everything the kids’ need is available, and you can tell what they have at a glance. I love the red, yellow and blue. And clearly, I love Dr Seuss. He’s in the cushions, the posters, and he of course has pride of place in the book collection.

My Favourite Space with Emily Hawker

What are your favourite items in this space?

Tough call. It’s a three-way tie – I’m so happy with the matching easel, table and chair. They are by different brands, from different stores, and the table and chair set has long been discontinued. I’m just so glad I snapped up the last one!

My Favourite Space With Emily Hawker

I also adore the bookshelves. We had designed a completely different look for them, but that fell through. In the end it was a blessing, because these IKEA units look great and cost much less.

The cushions are another favourite – my mum made them with Dr Seuss-themed fabrics. When the kids hit their tweens and outgrow this space as it is, I’ll have to find somewhere else for them. Perhaps my own bed! I refuse to part with them.

My Favourite Space With Emily Hawker

How does this space make you feel?

This space makes me feel happy, and it makes me feel young. I get an extra energy kick when we play up here, and I’m not entirely sure why. The room simply feels nice to be in.

Thank you for sharing your or rather, your childrens space Emily. I shared these pictures with my own children who were totally envious of such an amazing space. For me, any space that the children can relax in and when finished I can simply close the door, is perfect!

Don’t stop with your reading now, pop on by Emily’s Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or You Tube profiles to continue the journey.

Did you have a playroom when you were young? What was your favourite toy?

Nicole xxx


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  1. That is ridiculously cute and probably the size of my whole house! Haha. Love it Emily!

    1. It’s a great space isn’t it. My kids would love it!

    2. Thanks Haidee! I love it too! I love it so much that I haven’t bothered doing much with the rest of the house yet. Oops!

  2. In love with my deck. I’m sitting out here just taking in the surrounds. I have almost 360• view from the Story Bridge to the Gold Coast hinterland. Early morning I watch the very large A380 planes fly over. I’ve prettied the space with some nice white furniture, cushions, outdoor rug, new pots and a couple of solar lamps.

    1. Sounds lovely Maree, would you like to share it in a My Favourite Space contribution? I’d love to have you along, let me know if you would and I’ll send you an email with all the details xxx

    2. That sounds so lovely!

  3. Thank you for your kind words Nicole! Isn’t it funny what you notice when it’s your own space and photos – all I can think is that I should have dusted the top of the blackboard! HA!
    Thanks for having me. Love this series! (PS will share the link around later today. x)

    1. Ha ha! YES! I do it all the time with the photos I post on here. I can promise I didn’t even notice it ? Thank you so much for contributing. xx

  4. I think I could fit most of my apartment in that room! I love the bookshelves – IKEA have such affordable options – we’ve got IKEA bookcases in our living room and we get so many comments about them! Of course, I’m swooning over the Dr Seuss cushions – you’re never too old for a Dr Seuss cushion, right?!

    1. I LOVE Dr Seuss, my uncle gave the whole set to my daughter when she was born, the inscription read, happy noneth birthday lovely one, from your really great Uncle. xx
      He’s gone now, so an extra special memory. xxx

      1. What a beautiful gift! LOVE the inscription.

    2. NEVER too old for the genius of Seuss. Never ever ever.
      The Dr Seuss fabric was from Spotlight – you can whip up your own cushions in no time! (Says the person who had to outsource to her mum. Because craft? Nuh-huh.)

  5. What an amazing space you have Emily! (and just quietly Nicole I would be very happy with the outside of your house lol – having just discovered you through Emily I am off to read more!)

    My favourite space is a little Suzy homemaker. Some time ago we did what we could afford to update our kitchen and even though it is certainly not even close to my perfect (or in so many ways a very functional kitchen by today’s standards!) Everything in it works and there is enough space now for my favourite appliances that make me happy. I love to cook and create in my kitchen to entertain friends and nourish my family. We have also put on a deck and turned our old back step into a second bathroom/laundry, which with 3 children is extremely necessary as our other (main) bathroom has the toilet in it as well so there was an ever-growing need for a second toilet! Our house isn’t much but it is most definitely ours (and the banks!) and that makes me happy!

    Off to explore your site!

    1. Perfect for you spaces are my favourite kind. Unique and quirky. x

    2. Thank you for dropping by Cathy, and for your lovely compliment ?
      Any space that works perfectly for you, is PERFECT. It such a difficult combination of properties to come by in a space, in fact I can only recall 2 occasions where I had all the perfect factors for me.
      Second bathroom spaces are a real luxury with 3 kids, we are fortunate enough to have 3, but with our 5 kids being teenagers even that is not enough when everyone is getting ready for school and work. Ciaos!
      Thank you for sharing, it’s wonderful to have you hear xxx

  6. Love this space. It’s so big for the kids to play in! I bet the kids love playing in there too.

    1. I think I’ve fluked some trick photography – the space doesn’t feel as big as it looks in these photos! (Possibly because we’ve also had two sets of birthdays and Christmas since they were taken. SO. MUCH. STUFF.)

    2. I love it too Bec ?

  7. Such a fun and happy space for kids. I am struggling with my kids play area at the moment. love Em’s blog xx

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa! I’m not usually great at styling. I get clouded by what’s already there. I think this space worked because it was completely new. I wasn’t at all influenced by what had come before.

    2. I love it too Bec ?

    3. I always found a play space for my kids difficult to manage, really struggled with getting the balance between tidy and accessible right. Mine are all well and truly past that age now, and the new struggle of how to store all their electronic goods has begun ?

  8. What a gorgeous play room Em! I am very jealous! Ours is small, however it is functional, and as long as the kids are happy, I am happy! The easel and table & chair set are adorable!

    1. Thanks Charlene! I love it too. The toys are overflowing these days, but as the kids grow up, the baby stuff is starting to be donated.

  9. I want to play there!

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