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My Favourite Space with Cathy from Peregrination Gourmande

My Favourite Space with Cathy from Peregrination Gourmande

This is our very first foreign My Favourite Space, with Cathy joining us all the way from France. We talk a lot about the history of our home, but it really has very little history at all. When speaking with Cathy previously, she mentioned how many of the homes where she lives are 300+ years old! I just find it so difficult to understand that.

Cathy has a beautiful blog called Peregrination Gourmande and if I am really honest, my favourite part of Cathy’s blog is that she is in the opposite season to us. No matter the season, I find myself wishing it were the opposite, with Cathy’s blog I get to enjoy the season without the extremes. Cathy has super yummy recipes on her blog like Healthy Veggie Quiche and this Summer Salad which you totally have to visit, even if only for the photo’s. Aside from delicious recipes, Cathy has recently blogged about her trip to Canada. By far my favourite post on this blog, is this one. A very personal look into Cathy’s life.

Please join me in a look around this fascinating space.




Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Cathy. I’m french. I live in a beautiful part of France : Loire valley. I’m a mum of 2 adorable monsters plus a pug called Little Vador (because of course he is black !)
I love to travel, to take pictures, to bake and cook and blog about all of these subjects. I try to have a healthy living style and keep my wardrobe minimalistic. I love to read books of any kind unless it’s sad stories. In the real life I’m a psych and need to distract a lot when I’m not working. Just stop to think ! I try sometimes yoga or running for that ?

Tell us about your favourite space?

My favorite space was hard to choose. I love a lot of place in my old house. But I chose to show you the living room. We don’t spend a lot in furniture and home decoration. (We save for travelling haha !) But this house doesn’t need to be decorated a lot. The wooden floor is the original as the chimney. When we arrive we just painted in white the walls to get the space brighter.

What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?

First it’s the space just next to the kitchen, meaning it’s like the center of life in the house. We don’t have a dining room. We eat in the kitchen or when we have some friends we like to have a buffet in the living room. We are not very traditional for diners ? Other thing about our untraditional way of living is that we don’t have tv. So you won’t have tv in our living room ! I know we are that strange people…
After I like it because there are all my favorite things in there. The good sofa where I might have a nap if the monsters are quiet enough ! The space can be very calm and I love the fact that it’s not too busy with stuff. And it’s large enough to invite a lot of friends !

What are your favourite items in this space?

The husband’s collection of comics, my collection of cook books (See picture, I’m a cook book addict). I love the paper flowers bouquet that was made by my friend for her wedding decoration. Yes I know she’s so creative ! I put it on the chimney just next to a few family, cakes pics (what ? cakes are not part of the family ?) and objects that I love. I also have this very old Turkish coffee table that I got from my grand father. I also have those old armchairs that I made redone with this lovely cloth. And finally I love my big painting that my mother offered me for my 30’s birthday. I think you will like it ?

How does this space make you feel?

It makes me feel at home. Comfortable and quiet. It’s a good space to rest or read a book. Or have a big party ! haha. I love parties !
More than everything I feel this space represents us the most.

I love the space Cathy and her family have created. It’s uncomplicated, fresh and homely. I also love the language translation, Cathy has excellent English. The space is so much more modern that I had anticipated. Just lovely.

Please take time to drop by Cathy’s Blog, Instagram Facebook and Pinterest.

Was Cathy’s space what you imagined it would be? Would you like to live in France?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Thanks for having me here. It was a pleasure to share with you.
    xx cathy

    1. It was my pleasure Cathy xx

  2. I love this insight into Cathy and her chairs! I also love looking at Cathy’s blog for the different season and am getting a bit envious of her summer holiday!

    1. Amazing isn’t it! xx

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