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My Favourite Space with Ashlea Kerr from Glamour Coastal Living

My Favourite Space with Ashlea Kerr from Glamour Coastal Living

I am really excited to have Ashlea from Glamour Coastal Living, joining us to share her favourite space today. Ashlea was recognised as a Kidspot Voices of 2015 top100 blogger on the weekend, a well deserved recognition I believe. Ashlea has a beautiful blog where she shares her own home, feature homes, and delicious recipes like this Healthy Banana, Coconut and Goji Berry bread. An amazing visual treat, Ashlea’s blog is a must see. Today though, here is a little peak into Ashlea’s living area……..


Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Ashlea, I am a lover of all things coastal, a keen renovator and house enthusiast! I live on the Gold Coast with my Husband and border collie Coopar. My husband and I run a construction business together and in my spare time I love to blog and make dreamcatchers.

Tell us about your favourite space?

We started renovating our house just over two years ago when we bought it. Literally the first day we picked up the keys we started painting walls and making changes, we were so keen!! We are now complete with our renovations and so I am final starting to enjoy some of the spaces and changes we have made to our home. At the moment, my favourite space is living area. It’s the hub of our home and a place I love to relax whilst eating breakfast, or after a busy day at work.


What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?

I can see the sun rising in the distance, over Currumbin beach from my living area and I love all of the natural sunlight that streams in each morning. It’s so nice to wake up to the warmth and sunshine.


I love that it’s a combination of one off DIY projects and art, combined with store bought items. It makes it unique and interesting. It is a constant work in progress though and I think I will be adding a rug this winter for some warmth and to give Coopar a comfy spot to lay each evening. I am such a softie, he loves coming inside each evening especially Friday night football. He has been known to watch the football with interest and even chase it across the TV screen! He is a true border collie and fetch crazy!!


What are your favourite items in this space?

I have always loved gallery walls, where frames or wall hung art is hung in clusters. I was too nervous though to commit to doing one of my own wall however – silly I know! I was nervous about putting all of those hooks in the walls and what if I regretted what I put on the wall and where I put it? I did it though, just a few weeks ago and I love it! This would now have to be my favourite items in this space. I can’t wait to add to it over time, like continuous art that keeps evolving! It’s a combination of store bought items and DIY, which makes it even more interesting that some of the items are one offs and unique.



How does this space make you feel?

It makes me feel relaxed and rested when I spend time in my living room. I like to keep it simple, not cluttered and add a touch of indoor plants for greenery and to improve the air quality. I like a clean, clutter free space to be able to think clear and not feel overwhelmed by clutter. I can’t think straight or feel relaxed when there is mess!

Overall though, it feels homely and that’s what you want, a house and a living space that feels like a home.

I just adore Ashlea’s style, and am a huge fan of her gallery wall. She’s inspired me to try one of my own! If you’ve enjoyed this little peak into Ashlea’s home, be sure to seek her out on her Blog Facebook Instagram and Pinterest

What is your favourite part of Ashlea’s space? Do you have a favourite space you’d like to share?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Great feature. Should be more of this sharing stories. Keep it up

    1. Thank you Adam xx

  2. I love Ashela’s space and just like her blog, there is so much real estate eye candy! I love her dream catchers and this space just looks so inviting. And can we just talk about Coopar for a moment? What a cutie!

    1. Thanks you Sammie you are too kind xx
      Yes lets talk about Coopar, I think he needs to make a guest appearance on the blog soon. He is a big softie and loves the camera, I will see if I can get him to strike a few poses! ?

  3. Thank you so much Nicole for having me on The Builders Wife, I am very chuffed ? Thank you xx A

    1. Thank you for joining us Ashlea, it’s been a pleasure to have you xx

  4. What a gorgeous space! Haha I laughed because our dog does exactly the same thing!

    1. Ours does too! xx

  5. What a gorgeous space! I love it! X

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