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My Favourite Space With Amy Ahearn

My Favourite Space With Amy Ahearn

As you can imagine, I read a lot of blogs. Occasionally one really sticks out, has me gripped and will see me sitting ready back stories for hours. Handbag Mafia is one of those. The creator of this blog, Amy describes herself as a feminist, a shift worker and chockers full of opinions and thoughts.

With informative post like Swearing, Sarcasm and Smarts, I’d say she is right! Recently sharing her views on Real Social Dynamics, I found myself nodding my head agreeing withe everything that was said. If you like to read blogs that stretch your thinking, are sharp and whitty, and hold little back, then this blog is for you. If you are looking for honest talk about parenting, then this blog is a must read.

Meanwhile, before you rush of to enjoy the splendor that is Handbag Mafia, have a little sneaky peek around Amy’s bedroom.

Amy Handbag Mafia

Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Amy and I write at Handbag Mafia I’m 34, a shift worker, mum of 2 and step mum of two more. Married to my best mate.
My writing on the blog primarily focuses on women’s issues, parenting and whatever else takes my fancy, usually from a feminist perspective.

My FAvourite space Amy Ahearn
Tell us about your favourite space?
My bedroom. This is my quiet place. The big kids generally don’t come in unless they need to. The little one only moved out of it a few months ago and still sneaks in for morning cuddles. As a shift worker, I need a room that can be quiet, cool and dark. The block-out curtains I bought a while ago help with all of that- though it could be cooler!

What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?
As bedrooms go, it’s not a spectacular room or anything, but it is the one that probably reflects us the most in our own decor, from the things on the wall to the stacks of books on our bedside drawers. I also have this carved blanket box at the end of the bed that my maternal grandmother gave me when I was 18 for my glory box, an antique mirror from my paternal grandmother, my mum’s jewellery boxes- stuff like that, because I’m on the sentimental side. My husband, Carl, is a graphic designer and artist known for his skull scribbles and motifs so his skull bedside lamp is him all over. Our tastes are a bit eclectic- we have some antiques in there, like the chest and mirror, but then we have a print from Typo on the wall because it made us laugh. It might not be the most stylish room- but it is very much ours!

my favourite space amy ahearn

my favourite space amy ahearn

my favourite space amy ahearn





What are your favourite items in this space?
Probably the embroidery hoops. We have two in the bedroom. One is a piece of woven wrap, the kind used for babywearing, that has a breastfeeding mum and baby on it. I think it’s gorgeous and it means something to me. The other is a little one I bought for my husband from Pretty Fkn Embroidery that says I Fucking Love You. I know some people might find that crass but it ties in to an old in-joke we had when we first met a decade ago.






How does this space make you feel?
This is the one room in our house that I feel is ours. Even though there is often a toy or kid’s book left in there, or a little visitor in between us, this is the one room that doesn’t have any other kid’s stuff there permanently. All the other rooms have toys, kid’s art, video games, board games- something that screams “Yes! 4 kids live here!”. I wouldn’t trade my kids for the world- but it’s nice to know we have a little retreat that is mine and Carl’s, first and foremost.

I spoke yesterday about making a house a home, and that is exactly what I get from Amy’s bedroom, home. Such personal touches are so sweet and dear, and I absolutely LOVE the 2 embroidery circles! I’d love for you to get to know Amy a little more, to do so head on over to her Blog, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

What is your favourite space? Is your house a home? How did you create that home feeling?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I’m a big fan of Amy’s work, she knows what’s what! How gorgeous is that carved blanket box and I love the embroidery hoops too. I love how this room has a mix of old and new, and so many treasures from loved ones.

  2. What a stunning blanket box. I love the history behind it. And that skull is something different isn’t it?

  3. I love the his ‘n hers back scratchers. How itchy do you guys even get?

  4. What a great space you have Amy! Love the glory box – I’ve always wanted one for my home. The other things I love about your space are the breastfeeding embroided hoop – that is cool, and the back scratches! I like your style!

  5. Love Amy’s blog and I love how everything in her room tells a story! Thanks for sharing! Love having a little peek inside people’s homes! Xx

  6. Thanks for introducing me to Amy’s blog – just popped over a read a few posts. Insightful and amusing which is a great combo!

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