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My Favourite Space-The Holiday Edition

My Favourite Space-The Holiday Edition

It’s really rare that Adam and I manage to find time to get away without the kids, but when we do we like to stay somewhere away from technology, people and the hustle bustle of every day life. The very first place we ever stayed at together, was Ocean View Cottages at Montville. Only a two hour drive from our home up in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, this place is like stepping back in time and we love it. Not that the cottages are primitive, not by a long stretch, it’s just so peaceful, calm and well away from our ringing phones.

Ocean View Cottages have 4 cottages on a 60 acres of beautiful bushland. We’ve stayed here 3 times now and each time we’ve been given a different cottage and I can say with confidence, each is as fantastic as the other. The first thing that strikes us each time we arrive is the beautiful grounds, well maintained and designed to encourage the native birdlife.

The next is the beautifully architecturally designed cottages. We love these cottages, cozy in Winter and cool and breezy in Summer all designed to make the most of the stunning native bushland.


This is the living and sleeping space. The bathroom is a little to the right and the kitchen behind me taking the photograph to the left. A deck is right behind me.


This deck is perfectly situated to make the most of the beautiful native bushland. The Webber is where we do all our cooking, and every morning as we are cooking breakfast……


These cheeky fellows would come and try to steal our food. The very fist time we stayed, one successfully stole some of our breakfast, so we are very careful not to let them get anywhere near us anymore. We also don’t believe in feeding wildlife, so we make sure to clean up after us.


I love the shower, and before you ask, there are no neighbours as far as you can see, so it’s very safe to shower with the blind up, quite liberating actually. ?


The bath and the view are something else. Plenty of room for two ? I may have jumped in here after an in cottage massage with a book and a glass of wine. Bliss!


There is a little sliding timber window from the bath to the lounge for those of us that would like to watch tv while they soak!


When breakfast wasn’t being cooked outside, this handy little kitchenette did the trick.


The King sized bed is ah-mazing. Oh so comfortable and warm for those cool nights.


Perhaps my favourite part, is waking up to this view right next to my bed every morning.

These cottages are perfect for a mini break, if you wish for peace and quite. There are many walking trails on the property and even a tennis court if you are feeling the need for a little exercise. Montville is only a 10 minute drive away and the pub offers a free shuttle bus from around lunch time on, very handy indeed.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks My Favourite Space, I have so many that I am chuffed to be able to share on of mine.

Do you have a favourite space to get away from it all? Have you visited Montville? What would you do with a whole two days off with your partner, peace and quiet or something adventurous?

Nicole xxx

This is not a sponsored post, we just really love Ocean View Cottages.


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  1. That looks glorious – that’s a real escape to the country! I love the massive windows, it really brings the outside in, doesn’t it? It’s so ace to finally see one of your favourite spaces – hope your weekend away was truly magical!

    1. Thank you Sammie, we loved it. xx

  2. Looks heavenly!

    1. It was so lovely to get away xx

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