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My Favourite Space – The Christmas Shopping Addition

My  Favourite Space – The Christmas Shopping Addition

This blogging journey has lead me to some amazing experiences this year. I’ve traveled to Melbourne for the Kids Spot awards and to the Gold Coast for ProBlogger, meeting the most wonderful people along the way. Last week I was presented with another new and wonderful opportunity and I’d like to share it with you today.

I was privileged enough to along with many other bloggers be invited to the Myer Giftorium opening in their Brisbane store. I absolutely love Christmas, it is my favourite time of the year, and I actually love Christmas shopping, so to be given the opportunity to do so, with a group of lovely like minded people, with thanks to Kids Business in a special event such as this was just so exciting for me. Anyone that knows me, will be able to tell you that Myer is my go to shop for everything. They would also be able to tell you, that I’m a sleek shopper, I like to be in and out in as quicker time as I can manage.

Enter Myer Giftorium, this smart and savvy way to shop is a concept I think should be introduced all year round. You know those people who are just a little difficult to buy for, Myer Giftorium is the place to go. Time poor and need to do all your shopping in one place, Myer Giftorium is your one-stop-shop for Christmas. This concept is so successful, I am seeing similar opening up in other venues.

Everything from kids toys to teenage girls beauty products, leather goods and linen able to be monogrammed, fragrance, magic sets, glassware, music books, Christmas decorations, you name it, it’s there. There is quite simply an option for everyone.

TBW Myer Giftorium

TBW Myer Giftorium2

By far and away my favourite item in the Giftorium was the Nutella you can have personalised. In fact there is so much that is able to be personalised in store.

TBW Myer Giftorium3

I may have bought a few more jars for Christmas presents as well ? After touring through the Giftorium, we were all invited down stairs to the official opening of the Myer Christmas windows. I have been bringing my children to see the Christmas windows for years, it was a real treat to be at the opening of them, one that left my kids quite upset with me for seeing them first ?

TBW Myer Giftorium4

TBW Myer Giftorium5

The windows always tell a story, each year is different. This year is the story of Little Dog and the Christmas Wish, a book by Corinne Fenton and Robin Cowcher. The windows are truly delightful. I strongly recommend a visit to the windows for adults and children alike.

In short, the Myer Giftorium is my Favourite place for my Christmas shopping, if you’re looking for a Christmas shopping solution, I strongly suggest you check it out. Available in all Myer stores, there should be one close by.

Where do you do your Christmas shopping? Do you enjoy Christmas?

Nicole xxx


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  1. I can’t wait to take all three girls into Giftorium again so they can go on the train ride and watch the parade in the queen st mall and look at the Myer Windows. We make an afternoons on/early night of it the week before Christmas. Glad you were able to come and enjoy the event. Xx

    1. We are taking my nephews a little closer to Christmas as well. Should be a great day for them ?

  2. I frickin’ love Christmas so much and the Myer Giftorium was like a Christmas shopping dream come true. The personalised Nutella jar was a highlight, as was touching Kris Smith (he’s hot, I know because I touched him!) and looking at all the things. It really is a one stop Christmas shop. My only regret was that I was too tall for the Santa Express!

    1. Ha ha ha, I can’t understand why they didn’t let you go on anyway ? The Nutella is awesome, my kids were very excited ?

  3. I’m not really a shopper in the shopping centres, I think it’s all sensorial overload or something for me. Though I do love op-shopping, always keen on a bargain.
    As we’re in a country town and I’ve exhausted what’s on offer these days I do most of my shopping online, which actually makes it far less stressful for me.
    If we lived in the city though, things like shop windows and parades would be wonderful for the children to experience, they’d love it I’m sure.

    1. On line shopping is certainly the way to go, saves so much time and effort! The parades and windows are a real treat, a great experience for all. xx

  4. We NEED one of these shops in New Zealand!! I would LOVE it! I love Christmas. I have been shopping at K-Mart & The Warehouse (BIG W in Aus). For more personal and special gifts I like to shop at places like Typo, World of Decor and our Pharmacies actually have some one-of-a-kind gorgeous gifts.

    1. I loved your pharmacies when I was visiting there a few years ago. You really do need Myer in NZ, do you have some sort of equivalent?

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