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My Favourite Space-Sam Colden from The Annoyed Thyriod

My Favourite Space-Sam Colden from The Annoyed Thyriod

Sam is the bomb! My first and bestest blogging friend. Sammie is one of those amazing people who builds you up, supports you, and makes your day brighter. I am SO, SO, SO excited to get to meet this treasure this year at the ProBlogger conference. It feels like Christmas is coming. For those of you who haven’t come across Sam (where have you been, under a rock?!?), she is an amazing blogger, who shares the most delicious recipes, and is soley responsible for the extra 10 kilos I carry! How could you not be with recipes such as Thermomix Chocolate Yogo and Hot Cross Bun Pudding! Sammie also has an amazing series on her blog, She’s So Inspiring each Friday, where we have the opportunity to learn about other amazing women. Enough of me rambling like a stunned fan, here is Sam’s favourite space.


Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Sam. I like to eat, bake, run (but not all at the same time,) and keep cancer at bay. I blog over at The Annoyed Thyroid I was born in South Africa, lived in London most of my life and after almost 7 years down under am almost Australian. I’m addicted to dumplings, great at making a mess in the kitchen and desperate for a dog. I’m not grown up, not good at making decisions and not good with numbers.

Tell us about your favourite space?

Well, my favourite space is actually virtual because my blog is my ultimate happy place. So I guess, the place where I blog is my favourite space. Our apartment is quite small and not nearly big enough for a home office so the dining room table has become “Sam Central.” It’s perfectly located between the kitchen and the living room, so I’m not far from the fridge (and therefore, chocolate) and I’m not far from my husband (who is never far from the TV) so we can still gaze longingly at each other! LOL!

BW 3

  What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?

The fact that it’s in the heart of the home. This is really important because I have acute FOMO (Fear of Missing Out!) The previous owner of the flat had a penchant for all things brown and I have lovingly called the place Brown Town. One day we will transform our home into White City but for now, this is my favourite spot, because I’m surrounded by cookbooks, have a rack of wine to my right and a huge mirror on my left which means I really don’t have to miss a thing!

What are your favourite items in this space?

We don’t have many objects d’art or any fancy pants pieces but I do love the dog vase. We bought it on a recent stay at the QT Hotel on the Gold Coast when we were celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary, because pottery is the go to gift for year number eight. I’ve never had a better excuse to buy flowers.


The light box brings me hours of pleasure too. It’s the perfect piece because I love playing with words.


I also love the photos of our UK friends and family. I get to see them every day even though they’re literally a world away. There are photos on almost every surface at our place.

Oh and the cookbooks. Did I mention that I love cookbooks? I am a recovering cookbook-a-holic (yes, that’s a thing,) but I relapse frequently.

How does this space make you feel?

I always feel a mix of inspired contentment when I’m sitting here behind my laptop. Home is really where my heart is and so I love being in the heart of the home!

And that is Sammie’s favourite space. Do you love it as much as I do? I really must get myself one of those gorgeous light boxes, I could have real fun with that! You can find more of Sam on her Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

Nicole xxx


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  1. I’m a dining room blogger too! I love the name Sam Central. That bookcase you have is awesome. I’d love one of those. I also want one of those light box thingies. I think I’d have hours of fun with one of those ?

    1. Me too Renee, not quite the dining room, but a little deskie thing next to the kitchen, because apart from the laundry, this is where I spend all my time ?

    2. It’s an IKEA Billy bookcase but it does the job. You would totally love a light box – so much fun! Dining room bloggers of the world unite!

  2. Thank you so much for having me and for your beautiful words – you are too kind (on both counts!) And yes, you must totally get yourself a lightbox, they’re so much fun!

    1. Thank you for sharing your space Sam, kisses to you xxx

  3. Oh I love that room Sam! It’s sooo warm and inviting, just like you. I’m also a dining room blogger as it’s a metre from the fire, haha! I do have an office waiting to be organised but it’s on my list of things to do! I.CANNOT.WAIT to meet Sam in real life to at PB. I think they’ll be a few lost voices from all the excitement. Can’t wait to meet you too Nicole – love series!

    1. Thank you Jo, we’ll have to make it a date! It’s going to be an awesome event, so many exciting people to meet. I just can’t wait. 11 weeks to go!!!

    2. Dining room blogging is where it’s at, Jo! And I can’t wait to meet you either. Bring on PB! xx

  4. Sammie is a very cool lady for sure! I love there bloggy space especially as going through people’s bookshelves is one of my favourite things to do. I may be the only person who notes what books are where in home magazines too. A throw back from my Angus and Robertson Bookworld days.

    Thanks for sharing Nicole. I love these posts.

    1. Oh Karin, that would be my dream job! I would love to play with books all day!!!

    2. These posts are perfect for a sticky beak like me! I love looking through other people’s keyholes, Karin!

  5. isn’t Sammie just a treasure! She’s one of my first bloggie friends too!
    Love her space, thanks for the sneak peak into Sammie-ville! Xx

    1. Such a warm and inspiring woman is Sammie, we are all the better for knowing her. xxx

    2. Sammie-ville, I love it! xx

  6. thank you for sharing Nicole – and thank you Sammie! Now I can imagine you sitting down typing away! Such a lovely space x

    1. Thank you for dropping by Kirsty xx

    2. Thanks, Kristy! xx

  7. I totally love Sammie’s dog vase! What a great momento from her QT Hotel anniversary stay!

    1. It’s a lovely idea for a keepsake xx

    2. Thanks, Ingrid, it’s certainly one anniversary gift we won’t forget! x

  8. Nicole – thanks for getting Sammie on here to share her favourite space! She’s just the best and seeing her space makes me love her even more! I love your favourite space Sammie – love that you’re surrounded in books and wine and zebras and giraffes! haha Love your light box and that dog vase is so quirky and awesome!! Your place looks warm and welcoming just like you! ? xo

    1. It’s an awesome space Min, and you’re right it does look warm and inviting just like her. xxx

    2. Gee, thanks Min! Zebras and treasures (and wine) – what more could a girl want?! xx

  9. I’m a Sam fan too! I’m loving the doggie vase and that Sam loves cook books too. Seems like Sams special space is just perfect for her, warm, welcoming, full of her treasures and memories and in the middle of all the action. Great post both of you x

    1. Thank you Vicki, Sam is one of those unique people who touches everyone and makes us better for knowing her. xxx

    2. Thanks, Vicki! You know me, I like to get in amongst it!

  10. Oh, lovely space Sammie! Your bookcase is gorgeous! x

    1. Isn’t the best! xx

    2. Thanks, Tash. The bookcase is just a bog standard Billy from IKEA but I like to think it’s the items stacked upon it that makes it special xx

  11. Love your space Sammie. And that dog vase is awesome! I want one! x

    1. Thanks, Bec! I love that vase too. Swing by the QT at Surfers and treat yourself to one – you’d be barking mad to miss out on such a treasure! xx

  12. Thanks for the sneak peek into Sammie’s abode. I love cookbooks too but my shelf was starting to bow so I had to switch to borrowing them from the library until I can build them a new home someplace.

    1. Yes, the library is like heaven for cookbookaholics!

  13. I love Sammie! Sammie is one of the most genuine and supportive people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! Love having a little peek into someones else’s space! Loving all the books! x

    1. Oh, right back at ya, Fleur! As for the books, here’s a confession, some of them are grammar manuals! Yawn!

  14. That dog vase is hilarious. I will be about to high 5 you at problogger too. I can’t believe how soon it is.

    1. I know. Less than 11 weeks until high fiving, wine and good times!

  15. Just love your doggy vase!

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