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My Favourite Space-Rebecca Senyard from The Plumbette

My Favourite Space-Rebecca Senyard from The Plumbette

Bec is one of the first bloggers who ever reached out to me, she has been my biggest supporter since the beginning. Always ready with some encouraging words of advice, I could not be where I am without her enthusiastic guidance. Plumber, Stylist, Mother to three and Blogger to not one but two blogs, Bec’s life is very busy, but somehow she always makes time to help me out. On The Plumbette, Bec posts useful information such as Does lemon juice get rid of mould? and 8 ways a plumber can be considerate to their client while over on Styled by Bec, Bec teaches us How to dress for a Brisbane Autumn and How do you afford clothes when you’re a stay at home mum? Time for a little look into Bec’s busy life…


Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a plumber but I’ve currently stopped working so I can be a full time mum to my gorgeous girls Esther 4, Magdalene 2 and Phoebe 10 months. I write a blog The Plumbette where I write about my time as a plumber and life as a mother and anything and everything between those two roles. I am also a stylist and write on my styling blog Styled by Bec. I’ve been married to my husband for 10 years and he is my biggest fan.

Tell us about your favourite space?

My favourite space is anywhere where my family is and we generally relax in the family room. Our house is an open plan design so our kitchen, dining and living are all in the same room. I love that I can be cooking in the kitchen and watching my girls play or watching tv.


What is it about this space that makes it your favourite space?

It’s the place I can sit and relax by watching tv, reading a magazine or my ipad or sitting with my girls. Our family congregate in this space as it’s a common area. It also holds some of my favourite belongings.


What are your favourite items in this space?

I love our occasional chairs from Freedom. We bought them a couple of years ago and had them custom made to match with paintings we bought from Africa over 10 years ago when my husband and I went over to help build an orphanage. The cushions change at any time. I also love the throw that I bought from Adairs when it was recently on sale. We’ve had a lot of our furniture and decor since we got married and we won’t be updating it until our kids are a bit older and can appreciate our living area.



How does this space make you feel?

This space makes me feel warm and loved. I also feel nostalgic as a lot of the pieces have a story attached to their purchase. The space feels welcoming and familiar which I love because a lot of memories have been made in that room. If it’s a mess with toys, books and food – which doesn’t last for long because our dog Bentley is a hoover, the space can make me feel stressed. The instant way to calm me down is seeing a neat living room and cushions on the couch as opposed to on the floor!

relaxing with my girls

I love Bec’s family space, such a warm and inviting room, and those colours are amazing! I can totally relate to the stress an untidy space can make and the calm that comes with order.

When not being featured on our Blog, the very talented Bec can be found at The Plumbette or Styled By Bec Plumbette Facebook or Styled By Bec Facebook Plumbette Twitter

Do you have a Favourite space you’d like to share?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Oh I’m such a sticky beak, I love this series! I love Bec and her space is just as I imagined, warm, colourful and what a great cushion collection. I’m the same with mess, I think if my space is messy it messes with my head!

    1. I agree Sammie, it’s just like I imagined as well. Warm and welcoming. xxx

    2. Thanks Sammie. I love our cushion collection and I love bright colours. Not a fan of beige or neutral. I must have colour. ?

  2. Oh I had no idea Bec was so talented and had two blogs and a styling service – what a super lady!! What a homely and warm looking space, I love the chairs. You know how much of a sticky beak I am, so keep this series coming!! ?

    1. She’s a busy lady alright! xx

    2. Hey Ashlea, I love looking into other people’s homes too. ?

  3. I’m loving this series Nicole, and so nice to have a peek into Bec’s favourite room. Great cushions, so colourful.

    1. It looks like such a happy space xx

    2. Thanks Vicki. My new Kmart Hack cushions look great too in the mix. Can never have too many cushions! x

  4. I love your favourite space Bec…..it looks like the heart of your home.

    1. It looks welcoming doesn’t it xx

    2. It definitely is Veronica. x ?

  5. Those occasional chairs from Freedom, I think I am in love! They are stunning Bec. I love having a sticky in peoples homes. Thanks for sharing Nic and Bec.

    1. It’s good fun, I love it too xx

    2. I love to sticky beak too. It was nice seeing my living room neat and in place. x

  6. I also love those armchairs! this blue color is great and with the cushions that’s even better! I admire Bec for her energy! She is awsome! I love that you can claim you have 2 or more different lifes. It’s not that common here. When I say I’m a psych and a baker… people look at me as I’m an alien! x cathy

    1. That’s really interesting, I assumed that most of us lived similar lives, perhaps the lesson is that we need to slow down. xx

    2. Thanks Cathy. I love that you resonate with the two roles too. Psych and a baker – what a fabulous mix! x

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