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My Australian Christmas Table 2018

My Australian Christmas Table 2018

Each year I take great joy in decorating and sharing our Christmas tablescapes. We nearly always try for a native table, as we love what nature is reflecting this gorgeous time of year. This year is no exception, as we share our Australian Christmas table and include a few hints and a special offer so that you can create your own too!

My Australian Christmas Table

I adore the colours of Australian natives, and use them often when decorating our tables. We generally have an abundance of native foliage in the yard to draw from, and if not, we head on down to the local park and “borrow” a few leaves to help create the lushness of an Australian Christmas table.

Last year we headed outdoors to celebrate with family and friends. The back deck was the perfect location, surrounded by more native flora.

The year before the dinning room played host to our traditional family dinner, this time using wattle branches as the focus foliage.

This year, we have been spoilt with a gorgeous gift from Fresh Flowers, which has become our tables centerpiece. Read on to the end for a special offer for you!

Decorating your Christmas table follows the same formula regardless of what style of table you prefer.

Start with a base, this can be a tablecloth or place mat, something to ground your table. From there you can add the essentials, glassware, cutlery, plates and napkins. Then the fun really begins.

Start the decorating part of your table with the centerpiece, add some candles, and then fill with foliage. Stepping back from the table at various intervals will allow you to see the table as your guests will see it.

I had a little help putting my table together for these photos. (and no she isn’t normally allowed on the table, but this was the morning after the snake tried to eat her, so we were indulging of her many whims!)

Our lovely friends at Fresh Flowers are offering you a 10% discount when you use the code NicoleFreshXmas2018 valid until 21st December 2018

It is one of my greatest pleasures to decorate our table for our many Christmas meals, something that the kids even look forward to year after year. I hope we’ve given you a little inspiration for your own Christmas table this year.


Place mats, Ikea

Crockery, Big W

Napkins & Table Runner, Pillow Talk

Glasses, Kmart

Candle Holders, Dusk

Flowers, Fresh Flowers

Do you have a theme for your table this year? What is your favourite flower?

Nicole xxx




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