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I’ve had a moment, a moment when I’ve realised we are just not going to get through as much of our renovation as we hoped, before we moved in. There may have been a few tears, some self-indulgent words, and a pout. I really didn’t want to move our 5 kids into a building site. But you know what, I have 5 kids, they are fit healthy and well. I am able to move them into a beautiful home, and they can join in with our journey instead of being passive passengers. This is a gift, an opportunity for us all to appreciate what goes into such a big renovation. The chance for the children to see what we do all day at work, in practice, not just the glossy final product.

There may be a lot left to do, total fit out down stairs, 2 bathrooms to renovate, 1 to add, painting, floor coverings, furniture to purchase, but, we can do it together. Make some memories, share and be a part of the history of this home, together. All is not lost, things are rarely as bad as first thought and if the last month has taught us anything, it has taught us to be grateful for what we do have, what we can control, and then let go and trust we are exactly where we should be, doing exactly what we should be doing.

The children are just beginning to rise from their first night in their new, unfinished rooms. We have plasterboard on the walls, some have undercoat paint, some don’t, no floor coverings and the fit out to be completed, and they were so excited to be in their own space, that the imperfections, didn’t matter to them. There is a lesson for me, right there.




Do you think you would cope with living in a building site?

Nicole xxx



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