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Marketing To The Different Sexes – What You Need To Know

Marketing To The Different Sexes – What You Need To Know

It is no secret that men and women are different, likewise their communication styles are different. Running a small business means you need to have an understanding on how to communicate to each. When it comes to marketing, you’ll need a further understanding on how each of the sexes consumes advertising, and where to find your target market. This post has come via a question in our Tradies in Business Facebook group, “I’d like to know about marketing to the different sexes, how do I target men?”

Marketing To The Different Sexes, What You Need To Know

Before you even think about marketing, you need to create an ideal client avatar. Once you know who your ideal client is, you can begin to create a marketing strategy to target them.

Given that our brains are differently wired, it is natural to think we need to approach the whole marketing thing differently for each of the sexes. There are some places we are nearly all on, Facebook for example, however the way we each read an ad is very different.

Generally speaking, Men like facts, they like to know how things work. They appreciate an expert’s opinion and will be doing research before purchasing.

Women on the other hand, are looking to make a connection with the brand, the people behind the brand or the product.

I find Men will read marketing emails, when presented in a factual way. Most women delete surface emails, UNLESS they are invested in the story/brand.

Men like strong, bold colours, where as women prefer photos or softer colours.

If I think back to our construction business, for the most part the female clients did all the research and made the initial contact. From there the most important step was the first meeting. During our sales process though, it was the men that opened the emails we used to educate and position, where as the women continued to engage on social media.

This is all very stereotypical and not at all a science. The actual proof comes in test and measure. I encourage you to test an advertising idea, measure the outcome and the try again. In time you will find exactly what works for your business.

Also never forget to check in with your target market, where are they at, what appeals to them?

How do you target your marketing? Are you measuring your advertising for how it works?

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