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Managing My Mental Health

Managing My Mental Health

On a business level, we have had a very challenging start to the year. We have had many staff changes and although needed, they have created some temporary increases to our workload which has made managing my mental health a real challenge in itself. A couple of weeks ago I took my first “Me” day in a very long time, and the benefits outweighed any possible guilt I may have felt. It also gave me cause to rethink the way I handle my health.

managing my mental health

Managing My Mental Health

I noticed in the newspapers last weekend, much was being made of the high suicide rate of men in the construction industry and while it is very valid and extremely important that this issue is raised and vocalised, it did leave me wondering about women in construction and how their mental health is regarded. Let me be clear, I do not think one is more important that the other, nor do I think one outweighs the other, mental health issues regardless of who it effects, need to be spoken about.

After reading through the papers, and a few discussions with The Builder, we decided that it is high time we place a stronger focus on taking care of our mental health. We are both great at taking care of our physical health, but neglect our mental counterpart.

I plan on making a few simple changes to my every day life, these will include reintroducing meditation to my daily routine, regular reading, and one of the most important changes I will be making is playing podcasts while I am working. The thinking time while I am working drives me to distraction, it’s when the negative thoughts creep in, and by playing the podcasts, my hope is my mind will be so full, there will be little room for that other “stuff”.

managing my mental health

While all seemingly small changes, I hope that these changes mean I am nurturing my mental health instead of neglecting it. I still feel this issue in not one spoken freely enough about. While I have so far been reasonably ok, there are times when I haven’t been, but feel such a stigma about sharing that.

What do you do to nurture your mental health? Do you practice meditation?

Nicole xxx



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  1. Yes, I have always wondered being a tradie myself the statistics of women in trades and the effect on their mental health. Especially when they have so much to prove when onsite. Glad to read the changes you’re making each day. The hard part is keeping to them as I make an intention but find myself creeping back into old working habits.

    1. So true Bec, it’s the old habits that are hardest to crack. I find making new habits not too hard, but breaking the old is my challenge.

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