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Managing Kids While Working From Home

Managing Kids While Working From Home

Christmas holidays usually fill me with dread. Christmas is our busiest time of year, as we all want our homes to be perfect before we switch off for our break. Work is crazy from September right through this year until the 23rd of December. Now that our kids are older, they finish school so early, in fact the boys were done by 24th of November, which leaves me with the question, how can I manage the kids while working from home?

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Be Organised

In order for this to work, I need to be super organised. That means I need everything done well before the deadline, because there is no doubt in every day there will be at least a dozen times that I will have to stop work in order to sort out some drama. I have become a master at learning how to quickly refocus so as not to loose too much productivity.


I am not afraid to bribe my kids, weather it be game console time, a trip to the trampoline park a visit with friends, in order to get my work done, I am happy to bribe my way through my day. Letting the boys play something on the Wii or Xbox will give me 2 hours solid without interruption, just need to make sure they are fed prior.

Continue To Pack A Lunch

While I really don’t like packing the lunchbox each day, I found I disliked being interrupted 524 times a day far more irritating! I do try to make these lunches different to the ones they have been having ever day at school, toasted sandwiches, noodles etc, all easy ideas they can take care of themselves. A big sanity saver.

Make The Most of Teenagers Sleep Ins

My most productive time of day has always been early morning. I am an early riser, in Summer often 4.30am so this gives me a really good chunk of the day to smash out the work in. Now that our kids are teenagers, this time is extended with long sleep ins that I am very happy to take advantage of. For younger kids, get everything ready for when the kids have their day time sleep and punch through as much as you can then.

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Schedule Stoppages

I have found that keeping the kids informed is helpful. If I let them know I am working on a blog post for example, and that I need an hour or two to concentrate, then I can stop and do something with them. That something might be as simple as making a batch of Christmas Cookies, or helping with Christmas craft, but that little bit of time with them, actually frees up a larger amount of time for work.

Be Mobile With Your Work

While my kids are too old now for a trip to the park, a trip to the library is still do-able. I can take my work with me, and they can happily sit in the library for an hour or two. I am not past sitting on the beach with my computer as they swim or fish either.


Don’t forget to reward the behavior in your children you desire. For our kids this might be an ice cream for dessert or a special treat on the weekend like a movie or a camp fire. I found this really easy to forget and have actually set up reminders in my phone to ensure the kids know how helpful they are being. As always positive reinforcement creates good behaviors.

All in all, the Christmas holidays are meant to be a time for your kids to rest, relax and recoup. Especially prior to Christmas, we plan lots of slow days, encouraging them to get board and then create their own entertainment. I won’t lie, there will be days where you will want to hide in the cupboard, but with these tips, hopefully that will be less often than the ‘good’ days.

Do you have any tips to share? Do your kids have a games console? Are your kids Christmas crafters like ours?

Nicole xxx

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  1. The screen time is definitely up around here but I still have to work, so it’s a necessary evil. I try to get outside with them every day though and have something we can all look forward to after a few hours of my working. They are pretty good about it. I’ve also learned to keep one or two days a week completely clear of work and be very vigilant about saying no to intrusions on that time.

    1. Totally agree Robyna, with the one of two days a week and most holidays we do the same. The first few weeks of the Christmas holidays are different with work being so busy, but they are learning the rewards for coping with that do come. xx

  2. I too have been wondering how I’m going to manage working from home with a five year old these school holidays…should be interesting! Thanks for the tips.

    1. Good luck! I must admit, there are also many benefits to having them at home as well. xx

  3. We just bought ourselves an Xbox and I’m loving it. Sadly I’m still at work and still too tired to do anything after work, so I can only play on weekends.

    1. I hope you get some holidays over Christmas and can play some more then ?

  4. I am taking close notes here ! ….. this last week has been so busy with my son home from school and regular activities finishing. I have been really struggling to find a quiet moment to think …. this morning I am finally winning with the baby asleep, the xbox on and my 3 yr old doing craft next to me ? …. 5 minutes of peace, woot!

    1. Love every moment of peace I can get! xx

  5. I’m in exactly the same boat and my post today was exactly the same: how I’m both relieved and terrified that the holidays are upon us. Part of me quite likes the ‘working mum’ excuse to go old-school with the holidays. It allows me to get out of the ridiculous notion of scheduling my kids’ every move. It’s up to them to make a great holiday. x

    1. It’s taken the kids a few days to get into the swing of making their own fun, but weeks in we are definitely enjoying the holidays. Teenage sleep ins are the best!!

  6. I’m glad the school holidays are here. No more school drop offs or pick ups. I’m still in the season of managing young children at home every day. I definitely agree that getting up early can help get more work done, although I have to admit since school stopped, I’ve been sleeping in.

    1. I do like the calm in the early morning, but not the mayhem of what is to follow. That said, so far, generally so good. Enjoy those sleep ins!! x

  7. I’m so relieved our games console went to X Box heaven! I think you have it sussed with these top tips, I love the one about packing a lunch – that must make things so much easier!

    1. During the school term, the kids tend not to have enough time to play the games consoles, so I have to try and patient as they want to play it often on the holidays. I am still of the though that they rot their brains!! But I do have to try and be understanding of their needs, just so long as it is mixed up with a camp out or a fishing trip, something to get them outside!

  8. Today was not a good day, so hard not to lose it, especially after being woken by two scared boys from 10.30 to 1.30am! Tired mummy who works from home = cranky pants!! xx

    1. We’ve had a few days like that too, though I must admit it is much easier once they are a little older and can understand reason. Doesn’t stop them pushing the boundaries though! I hope today is better my friend xx

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