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My Love For Pen Y Llechwedd

My love for Pen Y Llechwedd is growing so swiftly. Our home has such a feel to it, each room is so comfortable and totally liveable. As I walk in the door, I feel like she is embracing me in her warm soothing arms.


There are many reasons we chose Pen Y Llechwedd to be our forever home, it’s her feel, it was her crying out for love when we first entered the door, it’s the space for all of our family, it’s her potential, and i’ts the home I dreamed of many years ago.


There are unexpected benefits of choosing Pen Y Lelechwedd, our neighbours; we are surrounded by beautiful neighbours. We are regularly brought little packages of love, the comforting sing song of a cheery hello over the fence every day, and Friday night get togethers to share a beverage or two whilst catching up with neighbours who are rapidly becoming great friends.


It’s her proximity to the way we live our life, the chidren’s two high schools are only 3 and 4 minutes’ walk from our front door, in fact the boys could jump over the back fence if they wished. This has become a super handy bonus with our middle boy beginning swim club this week with a 5.30am start every day. We are only 5 minutes by car to major shopping centres, a walk to a few good restaurants, and 5 minutes to our second home, the boy’s football club. This was enough to buy Pen Y Llechwedd on its own, with football on 5 nights a week and all day Saturday from February through to end of September, it was essential we were close.


And then there are the little things we thought we had given up, when we moved from our rural home, the wildlife. The birds wake us early each morning with their beautiful song, snakes dance in the trees, fascinating the children and the cats, possums clatter about on the roof each night and the mosquitos still eat away at us like we never left the bush.


We love our Pen Y Llechwedd more and more each day.

What do you love about your home?

Nicole xx

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  1. Oh sounds lovely Nicole! I feel like I hit the jackpot with my home. We only were here for about 10 minutes in the real estate open house, couldn’t see the floor through the tenants mess but got incredibly lucky with out buy. It had the potential we thought we could see in that inspection. It is not our forever home, but its a house than feels homely. I always get the comment that it feels bright and cheerful and homely, so that’s what makes me happy. I want a welcoming home ? I love my tropical gardens, the koalas that roam the nearby gum trees, the closeness to the hinterland and beaches x

    1. Ashlea, it sounds absolutely delightful! I do not think there is a greater compliment, than when someone tells you your home is homely and welcoming. ? Having Koalas close must be incredible! It is so fortunate that we are able to see potential, your home sounds like what ours was when visited it for the first time. So fabulous to be able to make such a big change xx

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