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Library Styling-Inspired Space

Library Styling-Inspired Space

We’ve made a positive move forward with finishing the library this week. Adam is organising for the electrician to come and install our chandeliers and move one of the light fittings into the library, he’s also organised the cabinet maker to come and have a look at how we can make our existing library shelving more user friendly for our business. We currently have 2 filing cabinets, which by the way are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen, and we need to hide them somehow pronto! So lots of planning and scheming going on here at the moment, here is a little of what we are looking for…….


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This is really pretty, and although we don’t want a pretty space as such, the white shelves with the hints of blue are up the top of the want list.


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Oh I adore this library room, it has a real sense of authenticity, a strong room, without being too masculine. Our library is to be styled as it originally would have been, the lack of ornate ceilings, show that it was always a “Men’s” room, we would like to celebrate this by styling the room in a strong and masculine style, however it needs to be somewhere clients and myself are also comfortable.


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I love the way the books are arranged here. Simple but effective.


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We have so many shelves, I am not sure we will be able to fill them, the sculptures and prints in this library would work well with what we are dreaming of.

We are trying to schedule in a week “off” from work in the upcoming school holidays, so that we can finish off a few jobs, like the library, and finally take some photos. Fingers crossed I’ll have something wonderful to show you in the next couple of months.

What do you think of our library inspiration? Are you a big reader, would you like a library? What things did you dream of in your home as a child?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I’m constantly taking books to the charity shop because I keep running out of room. I totes need a library… and a giant kitchen and a study and a garden and, and, and! You get the idea! Apart from all that I love all this library inspo, but if I had to choose, I’d say number 3 is my favourite.

    1. I cant believe that I used to do the same, countless books that I would love to still own. I never really thought I would have somewhere to put them all. xx

  2. What delicious spaces!

    1. I agree! xx

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