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Let’s Talk The Block And Why I Don’t Watch

Let’s Talk The Block And Why I Don’t Watch

Every year when The Block airs, I feel a huge pressure to post regular updates about the show, afterall its our genre with both building and interior decoration, but there are big reasons why I resist. Believe it or not, I have considered entering to be on this show and other renovation shows, it is tempting to use our skills to our advantage, however a quick chat with The Builder and we’ve put that idea to bed well and truly. Let me be clear from the outset, I do not hate this show, I actually think there is real value given to the industry here.

The Block & Why I Don’t Watch

the block


First and foremost, in this time in our lives, I strongly dislike constant criticism. (even though I am ironically criticising the show as we speak :)) Week after week, the contestants work long, grueling hours in an industry for the most part they have no experience in, to create a room to the best of their ability. I don’t feel it is healthy that this is presented as a competition.

Now I understand that the competitors know what they are getting themselves in for when the sign up for the show, but I cannot imagine how heartbreaking it must be for them to put all that hard work in only to be told it’s no good. While interior design and building are professional industries, personal opinion is also very important.

Lack Of Support

I have gleamed from the commercials this year, that there have been some pretty big mistakes made already, which I think are common mistakes for people who are not from the industry. I wonder if there is enough support for the contestants? To see tiles being torn off and flooring being ripped up, is such an unnecessary waste that could easily be avoided with more guidance and support.

Quality V’s Time

So much of what is presented in the show, is just not possible within the time constraints presented. Let me be clear, there is no way you can complete a bathroom renovation in one week! And believe me, you don’t want to live in a home that has a bathroom renovation that was completed in a week. Quality takes time and it takes money. What you see on The Block, is false representation of what is possible. For example, it is very unsafe for several tradespeople to work in the same space at the same time. Imagine the electrician work while the plumber is also in the same room, that’s a potentially deadly combination. Quality work takes time.

Let me stress again, I can see the value of a show like The Block. It is a great source of design inspiration, is showcases what is fashionable right now. There are times when it can be an encouraging space and it is wonderful to see the contestants go on and do other things within the industry after the show has ended. It is just not a show for me.

Do you enjoy reality t.v? Would you like to be a contestant on The Block?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Do you know I have never watched The Block?! Not even one episode, and for many of the reasons you’ve stated. That said, I love a good reno programme and my favourite is Selling Houses. I love how they can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear and on relatively small budget. It’s great to see how you can use what you have to your best advantage.

  2. I only watch the reveals. I can’t stand the drama during the week and sometimes the show provokes the drama too. Possibly to get more ratings or keep viewers watching. Having said that, most of the contestants are tradies themselves. Only a few don’t have experience and the issue regarding the tiling that needed to be ripped up and the floor that needed to be lowered was all due to tradies not doing the right work. To be honest, there are tradies out there who do the wrong thing by the client so I think in that light, it shows the reality of what can happen when you choose a tradie that has the licenses, but doesn’t perform the work.

    I love watching House Rules and The Block because I love to see the interiors and what the teams come up with. I only share the wet area spaces from The Block, not all the rooms. I’ve shared years ago when The Block was on that people shouldn’t expect the same time frames like The Block and I think most people understand this. I’d love to go on one day. Just gotta find me a builder or chippie to team with to keep to the budget ?

  3. I agree Nicole, I love watching it for the interiors and let’s face it, it’s what I do every day but I do get stressed out at what this is “teaching” the viewers, these time frames are unrealistic and breed dispointment. It makes me nervous watching a bathroom supposedly going up in a week! Good fun light entertainment is what it should be. Nic

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