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How To Lay Floor Tiles

How To Lay Floor Tiles

We have spent the past month looking at all manner of bathrooms, bathroom fittings, tiles and decorating options. If you are considering your own bathroom renovation, one of the easiest DIY projects, is to lay your own floor tiles. The Builder advises that, preparation is the key to success in a good tiling job. Take your time, prepare the space well and you will reap the rewards when finished. I have searched the internet to find you 5 of the best instructional posts, to help you get the job right.

How To Lay Floor Tiles – 5 Instructional Posts

1. National Tiles

2. Bunnings

Bunnings How To Tile

This handy video and many others like it can be found here.

3. Beaumont Tiles

4. Masters

Masters How To Lay Wall Tiles

Masters have a whole range of step by step DIY videos and posts to help you with your tiling. You can find this one here.

5. Today’s Homeowner


Today’s Homeowner

Although this site is American, it has a great post with a step by step guide on how to lay tile, with photos for every step.

I hope that within this list, you are able to find a post or a video that will give you the courage to try tiling yourself. The Builder tiled our laundry, and did a great job even though he had only tried tiling once or twice before. I even laid a few of the tiles myself and found it to be a really satisfying job.

Have you tried tiling before? Would you ever try tiling? My tip, be sure you have plenty of hand cream for after.

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  1. I love your helpful, practical advice Nicole, now – if only I had a room that needed tiling!

  2. This is a super handy post, Nicole, for anyone doing their own bathroom reno!!

  3. I feel like I need to re-tile something! I could totally do it after this easy tutorial!

  4. I was skeptical, but hubby laid the backsplash tiles at our last place. We have floor tiles sorely in need of replacing downstairs but no budget as yet. Will have to show the other half this and see if he thinks he’ll be able to tackle it.

  5. I don’t think I could do it. I’ve watched too many episodes of The Block where it’s gone completely balls up lol!

  6. I have never tried tiling myself but now I know where to come if I ever need to! I imagine it would be quite enjoyable for someone like me, and it certainly appeals to my perfectionist side, although I would probably spend waaaaay too much time working out the pattern!

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