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The Last Christmas At Pen Y Llechwedd

The Last Christmas At Pen Y Llechwedd

As we roll into the last Christmas here at Pen Y Llechedd, we are in a flap of business as we tidy up the end of the working year. It is our year of celebrating on Boxing Day, as we do each other year, which means Christmas day will be nice and quiet, which we love as much as the others years when it is noisy, messy and fun.

Christmas this year though is a little more subdued as it’s our first with a child having left the nest, but also a new exciting one as my sister in law joins us on Christmas day for this first time in 8 years. In short it is sure to be an emotional day.

Decorating the house has happened slowly this year, as we were not sure if we would still be here on the big day until recently, but here we are ready to go.


Our crazy Christmas tree is up, though terribly difficult to photograph. It’s full of our children’s treasures and makes us smile each and every year, even though it is strange.



We added some garland to the mantle this year, something I’ve been going to do for a long time now. I’m really happy with how it looks, especially at night when the lights are twinkling.



The festive lights carry through to the dinning room where we have an all red show, and our usual stick arrangement. Plenty of bringing nature inside in our house!




A new addition this year with a traditional Christmas tree added to the sitting room. I’ve left the decorations off this one, as I am just in love with the simplicity of it, with lights alone.

Finally we’ve added a new decoration outside, however I’ll leave showing you this one until the Christmas table reveal on Thursday, again different this year as we have had the same for a few years and we felt it needed a freshen up.

We have lights on the house again, which always make us smile, and for the first time, we’ve added some baubles to the Jacaranda tree on the footpath, which has bought many smiles of delight to passers by.

And there we have our Christmas decoration for 2017, our last in Pen Y Llechwedd.

Have you decorated you home this year? Got any outside decorations?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Your house looks amazing Nic. I love this time of the year and getting everything up and ready to just spend time with loved ones. I no longer stress about all the things I have to do this time of the year and I don’t let anyone else ruin my mood. I see people stressed on the roads, at the shops – EVERYWHERE. Time is here to be enjoyed.. so do it.

    1. Thank you Natalie, we love the festive break for all the reasons you talk about too. Working in construction really has taught us how to relax at this time of the year, the world doesn’t end because something isn’t finished or perfect, and through this we have learned to relax and enjoy. Best lesson yet!

  2. I really love the upside down branch – that’s so gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you so much Lydia xx

  3. Just beautiful Nic, decorations a little tacky in our house right now but that’s because I let the kids do it! One day I’ll reclaim it xxx

    1. Our kids still do most of the decorating, as much as I would love the picture perfect Christmas, watching the kids create memories is far more important for us. On the upside, eventually they’ll all leave home and we’ll have a few years before Grandkids and I can go crazy then ?

  4. Oh everything looks fabulous – I love the garland on the mantle! Living in an apartment means we don’t have to worry about outside decorations – I can’t wait for your big reveal!

    1. This inside decorations are my favourite, I don’t get to see too much of the outside ones, it too busy at night when we put them on to get outside to see. xx

  5. I adore your tree- both of them- the whole house is so stunning!

    1. Thank you Amy, we will miss it like mad xx

  6. I have my digital tree and that’s all ? I didn’t realise you’d sold your house (I thought it didn’t sell or something) so it sounds like you’re giving it a bit of a farewell too ?

    1. It has fallen through at the very last minute, so back to the drawing board next week. Hope you festive period was lovely xx

  7. I love the decorations! I hope your last Christmas in this home is very special and memorable ?

    1. Thank you Bella, we had a delightful Christmas period xx

  8. Simply beautiful photographs and I love your upside down Christmas tree branch it is very creative and gorgeous.

    1. Thank you very much, it sure in unique xx

  9. It is beautiful and I have loved seeing this amazing house of yours all dressed up for Christmas! Thank you for sharing and have an amazing Christmas which will have a touch of nostalgia added I know. Denyse xx

    1. Thank you Denyse, we had a lovely festive break with the family and thoroughly enjoyed what is to be the last one here in our home xx

  10. It looks beautiful! We have quite a big tree in our house, but no real decorations outside. Must put some lights up even though Christmas is less than a week away!

    1. It came with a bang this year! As did the new year. Hope your festive period was blessed with much love xx

  11. I’m sure everyone is telling you this, but your house is truly beautiful, how can you bring yourself to leave?! All of our decorations are up both inside and out, you can’t miss our house in the street as it is covered in so many lights! #teamIBOT

    1. Thank you Erika, it is difficult to face the prospect of leaving, but a new challenge awaits! xx

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