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Kmart Home Accessories – Home Improvement Thursday

Kmart Home Accessories – Home Improvement Thursday

It’s no secret that I love Kmart and their home accessories. I have challenged myself a few times to decorate our kids bedrooms using only Kmart products. I was recently sourcing some products at Kmart and was completely taken with the range available for young children. Today I wanted to share a few inspiration boards, with all items completely from Kmart.

Kmart home accessories kids style

I love everything about pastel colours for a young girls bedroom. Creating a soft space that is a real haven for a child is right up the top of my wishlist, especially when it comes to young children.Imagine how warm and comforting a bedroom decorated like this would be. Beautiful.


Not to forget the younger boys in our lives, Kmart also has a great range for them. I love the strong monochrome look for a boy, particularly when softened with some gentle pastel colours. From rugs to great lighting, you will find most of what you need at Kmart. I may have just shopped my heart out there for another bedroom reveal ?


It’s isn’t only the kids that you will find inspiration for though, there is plenty of stylish items to be used throughout the home, for the whole family. I believe that good design is about mixing inexpensive and timeless pieces together to create a stunning look with a reasonable budget. Anchor your Kmart finds with some investment pieces that will last a lifetime.

I’d like to point out, that this post is in no way sponsored, I am just passionate about everyone being able to afford a beautiful and comfortable home.


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I was really excited to see Tash from Home of Marble and Mint link up for the first time last week, with this great post outlining the 5 Handy Tools a Reno Woman Can’t Be Without.


Bec and I would love to see you home improvement posts, please remember to take the time to pop by the other linkers posts and leave some comment love. This is still a new and growing blogging niche and we would really like your help to grow a supportive community. ?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Kmart has some fabulous pieces. I avoid going there because I end up spending a fortune!

    1. Me too!!

  2. I think I need to go to K Mart today! How much swoon can you fit in one post?

    1. Kmart made this post too easy with all it’s beauty to choose from. ?

  3. What a great way to decorate a room. Kmart have really changed their style over the past few years!

    1. Haven’t they just! A great choice for budget pieces ?

  4. Ooh I love KMart Home department…It’s the first place I go to when I walk into Kmart, followed closely by Stationery. We bought my daughter the pink hexagon for her bedroom and she was eyeing up the pastel lamp too, but already has one.

    I really love the marble and pastel pink combo…it’s so pretty!!
    Thanks for the inspiration ?

    1. Oh I agree, marble and pink are perfect together! Especially for a young girls room, just lovely. I wonder how our Kmart compares to yours, if they are similar or different. xx

  5. Oh Kmart how I love thee. The only time I ever wish I have a girl is when I see the kids homewares range in Kmart lol.

    1. I totally understand! We have already decorated my step daughters room, but this stuff makes me want to do it again already ?

  6. Thanks for the shoutout Nicole!
    I LOVE Kmart, think I have at least half of those items (although most are packed away ready for their place in the new extension). And totally agree, I think it’s great to get latest trend items at low cost and spend the bigger dollars on the timeless pieces.

    1. Perfectly put Tash! xx

  7. Ohhhhh I love Kmart, way too much!
    I live just down the road too so the call is sometimes just too much, we have a nice cafe next-door too, so I often drag the husband ‘Out for a coffee’ and ‘Oh look, honey! While we’re right here by Kmart…’

    1. Ha ha ha! I’m going to take your tips and give it a go this weekend ?

  8. KMart is killing it right now. I’m probably lucky that there’s not one any closer or I’d be there all the time. Great post and thanks for the inspo!

    1. Smashing it! I’m lucky ours is close enough when I need it and far enough away for it to be an inconvenience to go unless necessary. Perfect compromise ?

  9. I could spend a small fortune at Kmart. Love their stuff at the moment. My biggest struggle is trying to decide on a style or theme as I love everything!!!

    1. I’ve been really lucky with the kids rooms, as they are all so different in personality, I can decorate to suit each of them and get to play with most of Kmart’s lovely stuff! xx

  10. Loving That Kmart, target and big W have all total stepped up their game in the homewares department! I see a trip to Kmart in my near future! Xx

    1. I only recently visited BigW and you are totally right, they sure have stepped up their game. Makes us as consumers the winners every time!!

  11. I love those round cushions. I haven’t been in Kmart for a while, my credit card thanks me.

    1. Ha ha ha! The Builder thanks me too, as it had been a while. ?

  12. I do love the new homewares range at Kmart.
    It does make it more affordable to have a stylish home.

    1. Something for everyone right? Love it! xx

  13. I love the new lines that constantly appear in Kmart. Target are doing the same – makes for cheap but good shopping.

    1. Makes such a difference to so many homes, I love being able to keep the kids on trend. xx

  14. Kmart is so fab! I can’t help but wander in each week when I do my groceries. Unfortunately Woolworths is right next door. Help me! ?

  15. Nice…these are really nice important parts of home and nice Home Accessories too but most of peoples don’t have these Home Accessories in their home.

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