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Keeping Your Home Safe-Nuts & Bolts with Bec Sparky

Keeping Your Home Safe-Nuts & Bolts with Bec Sparky

Our favourite electrician, Bec Sparky is helping us today with some excellent tips on how to keep your home and family safe.

Keeping your home and your family safe is extremely important. There are many ways to secure your home including locks, alarms and surveillance cameras.
Thieves target homes based on how they appear from the street. Having a well-lit front yard is a major deterrent for would be thieves.
If you walked down a typical suburban street, immediately you would notice some well-lit homes, some with minimal outside lighting and many completely dark. Which homes do you think are most vulnerable?


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Installing motion sensors on exterior lights will not only help you get to your front door safely, it will also scare off anyone wanting to break in. There are number of different varieties of sensor lights but for my money I would install an individual sensor which operates the lights of your choice. This way you are not limited to the style or location.


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To take things up a notch you could also consider putting your outside lights on a combination of motion and daylight sensors with a timer override. Your lights will turn on automatically when it becomes dark enough and you can determine the time you want them to turn off. Beyond this time the motion sensor would bring the lights on if someone walks within range.
This will ensure you never come home in the dark and your home is well lit every night. You won’t have to remember to turn them on or forget to turn them off.

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Great ideas Bec, we are having some installed ourselves, just to be sure we are safe and secure.

If you’d like to see more of what Bec does, there are some great videos to watch on her YouTube channel, or take a look at her Facebook page, otherwise Bec’s website is a great source of information.

How do you keep your home and family safe? How cool is a female electrician? Do you have any questions for Bec?

Nicole xxx

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